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  1. wow i just got an interesting pm from someone from the forum

    1. videogamer


      they even posted the message in this topic

    2. SprinterFS


      removed and thanks for report :)

    3. heyhococo


      Just ignore it (Keep in case for evidence). There's currently a situation which is being dealt with between a player and an admin.

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    1. Jamie69


      I wondered what that was when i was picking my load up the other day. I must admit I did laugh to myself.

    2. BlizzLee


      I have also noticed this on multiplayer mode =/

    3. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      This is normal :D mines been higher...

  2. Is there a way to re-enable the tab screen, names above trucks and chat cause i accidentally disabled em

    1. Sgt Salt
    2. videogamer


      thx and bummer that means i gotta change my in-game screenshot button

  3. nvm i found the file and the file is called Steam/steamapps/common/American Truck Simulator/def/police_data but you need to use a scs extractor to open the def file
  4. I don't remember what file you need to find to adjust the ridiculously expensive fines in ats and yes I have both file editors that were needed for ets2
  5. who's staying up the night before ats releases to get the game at 00:00 or midnight

    1. videogamer


      yes its the same time but people live in different time zones so in the EU its what we call military time which is 00:00 and in the states and i think Canada its 12am and sprinter apparently i messed up on the times cause apparently games get released at different times on steam

    2. MrHarv98


      not that hyped k

    3. SprinterFS


      it says 1 week + 15 hours so I think the local time will be different depending on time zones.

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  6. IMO Webroot Anti-virus for gamers is the worst anti-virus program ever cause if you never wanna use the net again then download it

  7. My G27 is back from the dead even though i voided the warranty

  8. Why so quiet and where is kravaty?

    1. Beefy32659_YT


      I'm just woke up because of my cold. :(

    2. Beefy32659_YT


      Not so quiet now! Jokes

    3. TizzyTam


      You awoke the krav

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  9. even though ATS won't be a 1:1 scale why does everyone think California is small?

  10. Tuxy the website still isn't secure http://i67.tinypic.com/2n6zrjo.jpg

    1. Creatured


      for me its showing that all the certs are good

    2. videogamer


      firefox is picky about certs

  11. kravaty stop hogging all the steam server bandwith

  12. found a website for all you coders https://codefights.com/

    1. StuartD


      This is pretty cool :o

    2. PursuitGamer6


      If you want to start coding: codecademy :)

    3. videogamer
  13. LOL bing is trapped between google and yahoo

  14. queenybiceps has an interesting avatar and i'm not saying its a bad thing

  15. never get mad at the ets2mp staff or bad thing will happen

    1. deco13
    2. victorcruzjuniior


      they put as in the bad side like me

    3. FirestarteR93


      ^Problem is not that someone gets mad - Problem is what will they do while He or She is mad

    1. stilldre1976


      Doh my bad merc only then haha

    2. videogamer


      sorry for being a noob but i thought they were since your essentially hauling 2 trailers or is it because one is attached to the truck?

    3. xhavefunx


      Well it's basically almost the same length as a normal trailer, so you can't see it as 'double trailer'. Since double trailer is 2 regular trailers attached to each other.

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  16. Who can guess what the best simulator is called

    1. Creatured
    2. videogamer


      the best sim is real life cause its so realistic

    3. McFreshi


      ^but the story is quite.. Bad.

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  17. no one watched my stream :(

    1. Clashin_Jon


      lol it takes time

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