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  1. Exactly will stop all the accidents on Calais - Duisburg road now too.
  2. The barries will all open at the same time as everyone else and close the same time as everyone else.
  3. Thanks, when will you be supporting the Schwarzmuller trailers?
  4. Any ideas, i'm still getting problems?
  5. Thanks for the responses here are my settings, i have disconnected the controller and changed to keyboard only to try and get the problem rectified before adding the controller back. Thanks again. http://imgur.com/b97BYGP http://imgur.com/R4ycOv3 Just reset all settings and its still doing it really struggling on what to do here.
  6. Thanks for the responses appreciated. However it is still doing the same on a keyboard
  7. Hi, For some reason my in game play has change dramatically when im driving, if I as much as slightly touch the keyboard or analog stick on a controller, the steering makes the truck go all over the show in game. I have tried playing with the steering sensitivity and it is still the same. Do any of you have an idea on what could be the problem, it was running fine with no problems before this. Thanks Jamie
  8. Thanks for the reply mate, i use chrome. It also happens on a program called Kodi too.
  9. I have a dual screen pc, and if for example when i am playing ATS or ETS2 and i want to watch a stream/ video whilst playing the game it stutters. As soon as i click on the program or tab onto it, it does not lag. This is not just games that do it as i have tried playing a video whilst just using a browser and unless i'm, on that tab it lags/stutters. Does anybody have any Ideas that could possible help me as my computer has never done this before, Thanks in advance.
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    2. Jamie69


      The sentiment is there by using "could of had speed desync" it is a ridiculous comment to make, that doesn't need to be made. I also do not need people like you trying to stick up for him.

    3. Smalley


      I'm not sticking up for him. I just hate the fact that you came up with a false claim saying that Jon said you was cheating when he obviously didn't say it. Do you even know what desync means?

    4. Jamie69


      Yes, but is there any need for him to suggest that i'm using Desync? I clearly am not and the person has been banned. I do not need you to discuss this matter any further with you.

  10. Back up and running now. Question solved Safe trucking. Jamie
  11. Quick question need a yes or no answer, can you re enable a vga port on your pc that has been disabled by your graphics card?

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    2. Jamie69


      Yeah I have a Intel I5 so no chance.

    3. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      Just try what Krav said. I don't know much about intel.

    4. Jamie69


      Will do bud, thanks for the help.

  12. You have been online since this has been posted, does this mean it has been fixed, can you confirm please?
  13. Jamie69

    Scania R

    Można używać tylko modyfikacje, które znajdują się na liście dozwolonych do stosowania w multiplayerze, będę podać link tutaj https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/6812-allowed-mods/ Dzięki Jamie
  14. ^ Message Clarkinator if you don't agree with your ban.
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