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  1. At every slip road. All jokes aside, you can find a lot of narrow streets in Norway and at the baltic sea dlc. Both have a very beautiful landscape and are good for it.
  2. I find that syncing random events in multiplayer is not a good idea. Since really many people have this option in terms of "Random Events" basically anyway already disabled, since these more or less only nerves. By activating the sync mode, all would be forced to use this "random events" and that would encounter a lot of headwinds from the community.
  3. you read the game rules sure? 615
  4. 5/10 weil kalt erwischt ^^
  5. Gebannt, weil ich das gesagt habe.
  6. The DAF DLC Pack is a great pack no question. But I prefer to drive more with the Scania. I'm just an absolute Scania fan, that's why the time with the DAF & me is unfortunately much too short. But the few moments are usually always the best
  7. Looks beautifull no question, but still waiting for spain & portugal...
  8. You are right with your statement. But the rumor about this DLC is increasing more and more. So I would expect that SCS surprised us and bring it out this year. Maybe not in August / September but possibly at the end of the year?
  9. Hope finally on Spain and Portugal... I really have no desire to wait for this both maps.
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