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  1. TheCreepyTruckr

    Why Scout have to be nerf after nerf...

    Dude, my 20 year old Honda Accord can hit 100 kph in second. You don't need a performance car to be able to do that. Let me direct you to this. Just because semi's often drive slowly doesn't mean they aren't capable of some speed, especially if the driver is competent.
  2. If your interior lights cause you lag/fps issues, perhaps multiplayer isn't a place for you. A high number of players will tank your gameplay and you'll probably end up losing control and crashing.
  3. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    Might I direct you to look at this.
  4. TheCreepyTruckr

    Why Scout have to be nerf after nerf...

    Wahhhh? Stop speeding, drive properly, and I doubt you'll care that you can't insta-accelerate down the road.
  5. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    The rules you agreed to when joining also state that you will follow all posted in-game road rules. You can't complain that it's not a simulation when you want to do something that is completely unrealistic to begin with. There's nothing more unrealistic and un-simulating than having impatient little kids trying to treat this game like Need for Speed. Drive the speed limit or go play another game. You are not the kind of player the game is for. I exclusively drive World of Truck contract jobs so I'm limited by the actual game to 90 KPH. Once again, I'll repeat my above statement. Go play a different game if you want to speed. It's not up to me to make sure that you can speed and I love getting you kids banned when you inevitably wreck when trying to pass. No one thinks you're a good driver just because you can speed at 150 kph, it's actually the opposite. Most of us will think you're nothing but a joke that can't play the game properly. Go away and play something else. Since your reading comprehension clearly needs work: You agreed to follow driving laws, You don't follow driving laws, You get mad at others following driving laws, You're the one in the wrong. Single player exists for your freedom, multiplayer does not. If you can't drive without causing someone else an issue, you don't belong here. It's not a matter of "interpretation", you agreed to a set list of rules and now you don't want to follow them. You're the type of player most of us want banned. The one that doesn't care about the community or anyone else on the road, you're the person that is so self-obsessed that you'd speed into someone causing a crash and would probably rage at the other person while denying all of your fault in the collision.
  6. Wah? If you haven't done anything wrong, why care that someone says "ban" or "rec"?
  7. TheCreepyTruckr

    Thoughts on Calais to Duisburg route

    It needs to be closed.
  8. TheCreepyTruckr

    Is this normal?

    Does it really matter? Most of us don't care what someone's sexual orientation is. If anyone does care, don't tell them, no one needs to know what someone else does with their life, especially if they're just going to be trolls.
  9. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    While there is nothing wrong with playing the game to have fun, there is a problem when the majority of drivers are incapable of driving without causing an accident. Your fun (generalized, not you specifically) goes right out the window when other people are being effected by it, and that is why we currently have a limiter. Too many drivers are speeding and causing issues for others, so the admins have had to drop the limit down. If you guys have a problem with the limit, don't bitch at us for wanting to drive realistically, bitch at the trolls that can't go 5 minutes without crashing into multiple players, since they are the reason behind the limiter.
  10. TheCreepyTruckr

    Survive the hunt

    Kids that can't drive have already turned TMP into a Battle Royale style game. We don't need any more incentive to encourage crappy driving & bad behaviour.
  11. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    My controller and wheel both have cords that can be disconnected with a slight tug. My two kittens and puppy both enjoy trying to play with them and have unplugged them on numerous occasions (Normally I notice and pull over before they become an issue). So it's not unreasonable for a control device to disconnect, especially if it's wireless and running off batteries.
  12. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should Truckersmp disable the speedlimiter?

    No. If you want to speed go play any number of racing games or single player. The mods should just add a 100 kph max limiter and remove C-D road. That's probably the only way to get rid of this dumb, childish mentality that's present in the community.
  13. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    @Snowman787 Would definitely improve things if they were actually more willing to punish players instead of just acting like they care. Seriously admins, your punishments are not a deterrent at all. Start IP banning players!
  14. TheCreepyTruckr

    Last remnants of once a good place

    I'll play on the server that has people. EU2 is not a dedicated troll server, those users agreed to the rules just like the rest of us. I have a garage in Koln that I avoid like the plague because admins have encouraged such a shit behaviour among the players in Germany and France. Honestly the mods either need to close C-D road permanently or they need to start increasing the punishment time. Enough with this special snowflake crap where everyone is welcome. When you agree to rules, then fail to obey those rules, there are consequences. We shouldn't be holding their hands and allowing them to repeatedly troll users. It's amazing how many innocent players suffer and are harassed by a mentality that the game mods actively foster. You aren't the only (retired or not) team member I've seen telling people to go play elsewhere if they don't want to be trolled. How about we get rid of the trolls instead? How about instead of a crap 3 day ban we start having actual consequences to our actions? Let's start by getting IP bans and making those be permanent instead of the joke of a "permanent ban" that you guys have now. (Seriously, from my steam wallet funds alone I could rebuy ETS and ATS 6 times over. Having to rebuy the game is not a threat.)
  15. TheCreepyTruckr


    Do you play with the time zones enabled in the gameplay settings? While I don't agree with the admin, it's entirely possible that one of you had a slightly different in-game time due to the time zones. I've noticed occasional glitches with mine when it doesn't change zones like it should when I cross into certain countries.