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  1. TheCreepyTruckr

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    I often won't report for a minor collision or first impact (everyone has accidents) but I'll still message that I'm recording, if they continue to ram and/or troll myself or others then I'll submit my recording/report. Otherwise it's more just a warning to whomever that they should focus on driving safely, especially if they're driving near other players.
  2. TheCreepyTruckr

    Removing Calais-Duisburg From The Map

    Even with the road widened I don't think it will stop any of the trolls. If anything I'd imagine it will make traffic worse during peak hours since you'll have more space available, you'll have more trolls trying to force their way through gaps.
  3. TheCreepyTruckr

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    Want to see my recordings of encountering trolls in Sweden, Norway, UK, or Italy? Just because a lot of the trolls are found on C-D doesn't mean all of them are there, nor does a player encountering a troll mean they were only driving on C-D. Furthermore, EU2 is not a server for trolls, so telling people to leave is not a solution.
  4. TheCreepyTruckr

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    I've got over 200 gigs of my driving saved on my hard drives and that's not even including reports. I find it pretty funny that you assume no one is actually recording for their own enjoyment. I don't think this is something that should be blamed on the players. I doubt many of us would continue to record if we weren't at constant threat from trolls. (I would but that's cause I like recording everything on my pc)
  5. TheCreepyTruckr

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    And what's your solution? To allow trolls that disregard the rules to continue playing? Or perhaps you want everyone to start ramming back when someone hits them. I can't help but feel you're one of the younger players if you view reporting someone as "crying for mom".
  6. TheCreepyTruckr

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    Someone recording what happens has no influence on your gaming unless you're causing problems. I'll report any reckless driver that causes me damage regardless of what excuse they may want to use. It's not my problem if it scares you or not.
  7. TheCreepyTruckr

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    My main truck has around 1.5 million kilometers on it but I'm sure it would be higher if I didn't ocassionally trash my save files with editing and have to resort to an older backup.
  8. TheCreepyTruckr

    Random Road-Events in Truckers MP...

    @FernandoCR [ESP] - Why did players not like the weather being synced? That's something I would love and have been hoping for. Personally I would love to have everything synced between players but I'm also here for a simulator and not need for speed.
  9. TheCreepyTruckr

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    I prefer to follow the traffic rules as it makes things safer for me. You can't ban me as long as I'm driving safely and following the traffic rules.
  10. Considering how crap I thought the first The Crew was, I've been having a remarkebly good time with the second.  Although I will never understand why they need to throw so many videos at you during the first hour of the game.

  11. TheCreepyTruckr

    Hacked trucks, Reporting

    I know nothing about devolping so this is probably a hard task, but considering other games can detect when cheatengine or other programs are running, wouldn't it be possible for the TMP team to implement something similar? While I imagine this would be a lot of work to implement, I would also think that this would make the job easier for the current admins rather than having to deal with all of the reports.
  12. TheCreepyTruckr

    Fast Acceleration

    I've wondered this myself as well. Even with a 750 hp engine and no trailer some players have just left me behind.
  13. TheCreepyTruckr

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    ^^Even prior to this update you had players going at their max speed. There's no real change to overtaking. I play with my truck limited to 90 yet can still easily pass someone doing 80. You guys don't need to be doing 150 kph to pass safely as long as you drive carefully and plan ahead.
  14. TheCreepyTruckr

    Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    So just because I want to drive at the posted speed limit means I shouldn't play on the server? I'm sorry but EU2 is not just for players to speed and race, it's a shared server for all players. Regardless of what server someone plays on the TMP rules still require you to follow the rules of the road, so there is nothing wrong with those of us that want to follow the road rules.
  15. TheCreepyTruckr

    New Game Mode

    @Nathan I don't think it matters what server they put it on, I imagine most users will flock to it for fun.