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  1. Your opinion on the latest ETS2 update

    I quite like the update. Sure it's a small detail but it helps with the immersion into the world. I wish though that TMP had a setting to allow seeing the air cables on other trucks, not just your own.
  2. I love Collies but why do they have to be so smart?  Just cause I'm ignoring you doesn't mean to go and turn my PC off, that doesn't get you any love. XD

    1. Digital


      :lol: They are pretty smart, I've grown up with Collies since I was born and still own one now. :wub:

  3. I love all the players that think EU2 is for speeding only.  Guess what guys, those of us that play realistically can put up with the trolls, griefers, and speeders; so you guys can put up with those of us that want to play properly.   It's not our fault that you can't drive or overtake properly.

  4. Cars and Caravans

    Sure the base game is a truck simulator but the TMP team can do whatever they want with it. If they want to remove the trucks and have us running around the map in some crappy My Little Pony design, we'd have to suck it up or go elsewhere. The mod belongs to the TMP team, they can add or remove whatever they want from the game. If you want to play as a truck simulator only than go back to single player and play it however you want.
  5. What should SCS do next?

    I would like to see a more in-depth damage system for vehicles. Allow us to have blown tires, overheat our engines, etc. Outside of that I would like to see more truck customization for ATS.
  6. As someone that plays with a limited truck and often has a heavy load, a slow-speed rule would really screw me over on any kind of hill. On a small road like C-D or one with a low speed limit (excluding cities) I will do 80 kph. The slower speed allows my friends with limited trucks or WOT contracts to keep up without me needing to constantly slow, otherwise on any main road I'll do my limited 90 kph. Any vehicle/player that feels entitled to the point of recklessly overtaking is (in my opinion) the one at fault; though I will pull off at any rest stop or gas station to allow anyone following me to pass and go faster, no point needlessly slowing others.
  7. @cFerguson - For me it is around 12:00 am (MST). There are generally only 400 players on the EU2 server at that time, so C-D road is rather peaceful.
  8. While I can't wait to drive these, I really wish they could update the dlc paintjobs to work with the 8x4 chassis.
  9. I love all the confusion from people that can't change their ETS2 version.  The TMP launcher even features instructions to help, so why is it so hard?
    (Just to clarify, this is just about random posts I've seen on the internet.  I find the outrage hilarious)

    1. sgpch1983


      well some of us also dont want to.. we wait patiently for mwl and the dev team to update :)

    2. TheCreepyTruckr


      And those players are fine.  I've just been laughing at the reddit posts or messages from my friends that have been freaking out because they can't get ETS2 to the right version, despite the TMP launcher having instructions.  There is nothing wrong with not understanding something or being confused, but there is no reason for some people to be throwing a tantrum on the internet about it.  It doesn't effect me in any way, just brings some humor to my day.

  10. Should they add in another car?

    While I play this for a trucking experience I would enjoy it if the TMP devs added in the motorcycle from single player. I don't care what's on the roads (as long as they aren't trolling), I just want to see players and traffic variety.
  11. ayuda

    You might want to ask your question in the Spanish category, unfortunately even with Google translate I have no idea what it is that you're trying to ask. (Mierda Traducción de Google) que sinifica ha sido excluido en el último año. y cuando se acaba
  12. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    I think it's a good update although I would personally prefer a limit of 120-130 kph. I would also like the developers to make me a cabin accessory for my truck, I need a salt shaker for all the people that are salty over the speed changes.
  13. On Which road do you drive often?

    C-D road during the dead of night (300-400 players on Eu2), otherwise I try nd do long haul runs exploring the map.
  14. [VOTE] Do you think /fix command is useful ?

    @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang - Those players have the option of not using it. It being added to the game is not detrimental to their experience at all.
  15. Do you think setting brake intensity to 100% helps?

    Couldn't agree more. Between engine braking and downshifting, the trailer brakes, main tractor brakes, and (if applicable) the retarder, there is no need to have your braking intensity at 100%. Even during those rare moments when I decide to do 150+ kph around the map, I've never had a problem with stopping my vehicle with the default brake settings.