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  1. TheCreepyTruckr

    Your opinion on bugs

    The main bug I would like fixed is if you have the chat open ("Y" key) and press Shift-Tab to bring up the Steam overlay, you cannot unpause the game when closing the Steam overlay. Otherwise I haven't really encountered any bugs aside from possible physics glitches, but considering this is a single player game modded for thousands of online players, I can forgive that. And what is up with all these spam accounts like @DongwareMiles lately? Can we just get the mods to permaban anyone that starts posting like this? It's not like it was done by accident.
  2. TheCreepyTruckr

    People who drive slow on purpose.

    In my defense, I wish players wouldn't overtake me when I'm cresting a hill. So many players will get annoyed that my truck is doing 60-70 on a hill (with an often 45+ ton trailer) and they will go to pass me. However once I crest the hill I (or my cruise control) am going to continue getting up to my highway speed of 80 or 90. I've had a few players that have gotten mad at me for "blocking" them when really all I'm doing is getting back up to the speed limit since I was only slowed by a hill. However I do agree that the players that do this repeatedly (accelerating and braking to purposely stay beside you) are breaking the game rules and face risk of a ban. While they are definitely annoying though, it's no different than a road-raging driver in real life. Just putter along behind them and don't fall to their level. Just to clarify before anyone jumps the gun, I will brake and give up my lane if oncoming traffic appears, as will I slow down if the person trying to overtake me is limited to 90 like myself. However if the road is clear and you can go faster, stop saying "rec ban" and just find your gas pedal.
  3. TheCreepyTruckr

    About driving feeling in winter mod

    As someone that enjoys driving with his map off, couldn't agree more. Though honestly my biggest issue is surprise turns while I'm taking a drink.
  4. When you're to used to the short merging lanes in ETS/ATS and need to get up to speed:


  5. You're just upset that you're banned, aren't you?  Is that why you're spamming pictures?

  6. TheCreepyTruckr

    Ban Baiters

    While I imagine the odds of people trying to bait players into getting banned are low, I still have to agree with the other people commenting. Unless you are able to record your drives and prove that you're not doing anything wrong, you should avoid the C-D area. Going into Western Germany and Eastern France is often just asking for trouble from other players and it's always good to try and protect yourself or avoid those areas if you can't.
  7. I don't have many pictures of my current truck in snow, but here.
  8. TheCreepyTruckr

    /fix or f7

    I'll use F7 if I've been knocked onto my side or if my engine won't start due to damage. I'll mainly only use /fix if I'm driving a WOT trailer since hitting F7 will cancel the job.
  9. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    I doubt the mods are banning players over low-speed minor collisions, and even if they were I have no problem with it. ETS/ATS and TMP rules dictate following all road laws of the respective countries. Police and Insurance companies don't let people get a pass just because a collision was an "accident". If I lose focus on the game and rear-end someone, I still caused a collision and should face a punishment (I've even offered my recordings to other players if they wish to report me; I actually made an in-game friend that way. ). I like to drink while I play and I sometimes just drive using the keyboard if I don't feel like hooking up my wheel or controller, If my drunk keyboard using ass can drive safely without hitting others, so can other players. Let's make this clear, no one has an entitlement to use TMP (with the exception of the creators), so I really don't care if some kid wants to cry "sorry" in chat because he doesn't know how to drive. Single player exists, they can practice and figure out how to drive safely or they're free to go to empty areas of the map where they won't be a risk to players.
  10. TheCreepyTruckr

    If you become a game moderator

    I think a lot of players also forget that the mods are players too. Sometimes they'd like to take a break and just drive around with their friends, and like you said, it's nice to see their presence around popular areas like C-D road. I've found a few that like to drive C-D in their spare time as a cop and I find some of the player reactions hilarious as they get caught breaking the rules.
  11. TheCreepyTruckr

    DLC areas vs open to all areas

    Considering my truck is Tron themed, I take offence too that. However as I haven't had any problems on the snow and haven't caused any accidents, I know it's not me that you are talking about. As for drivers, while Germany has always been bad, I've been quite surprised at the number of bad drivers and trolls that I've met in the DLC areas, including the Baltic.
  12. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    @trixicat Accidents do happen and those are unfortunate however for a user that isn't often getting into trouble, their punishment won't be very long, probably just a couple days. If you're having "accidents" repeatedly and pushing into the month+ bans, than I think there's a different issue and you need to re-evaluate your priorities in multiplayer. (Just to clarify, I don't mean you specifically Trixicat, I just mean "you" as a general term)
  13. TheCreepyTruckr

    C-D Road Truckstop.

    While I'm not sure what OP is specifically after, I imagine he just wants the gas stations changed with one of the larger kinds (more pumps and parking stalls). If he wants one added to the road somewhere in addition to the two gas stations, I have no real idea where they could put it or if they could even find a usable spot.
  14. TheCreepyTruckr

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    I think it's the opposite personally. A player that barely touches the game won't care if they get a ban as it won't really effect them, compared to a player that spends most of their time in the game they would (I imagine) want to avoid any punishments as playing ETS/ATS is their main source of entertainment.
  15. TheCreepyTruckr

    Don't go onto C-D Road with Winter Mod

    @Cvelee313 - Ah, I was hoping there were some actual difficult roads to drive since everything seems so easy in game.