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  1. I'd prefer if the TMP team would allow us to use the ATS & ETS2 Pilot cars that SCS has added. I don't care if they just ported the handling and physics from the Skoda as long as there was some variety in looks.
  2. Honestly I'd love that. If TMP lowered the physics stability, so many of these speeders that can't drive would end up wrecking and would be banned pretty quickly., 1. All users are required to read the TMP rules before playing the game. If some kid doesn't want to read the rules, what makes you think they'll listen to someone telling them that they're wrong? 2. No one is victimizing these kids by enforcing rules that they have to follow, nor are they being victimized by forum users complaining about their speeding (especially when there's constant posts from speeders trying to play the victim card). 3. I don't need to explain the consequence of their actions to them because they will learn what the consequence is the moment they get banned from my report.
  3. If the incident was preventable (Ie. caused by speeding, reckless driving, lack of attention, etc) it doesn't matter to me if you apologize or not, I will still report you.
  4. If the collision was preventable, I will report them even if it was an accident.
  5. LoL. Oh yeah, let's start requiring reports to include whether or not we want to forgive the person. How about this, if the person has been reported, we clearly haven't forgiven them and want them to be punished. If you break a rule, I don't care what excuse you come up with, you still broke a rule. If you want to use the "it's a video game" argument, why don't you go play single player since you can do whatever you want there? If you're going to play TMP, there are rules that you've agreed to follow and they come with punishments if you don't follow them. Honestly they should just start handing out perma-bans like candy, I'd love to watch the rage from all the reckless drivers and children since most people seem to think their entitled to play TMP however they want.
  6. Honestly I'm in favour of the speed limits and would argue for them to be lower if ATS had more players. Most of the players I see complaining about the speed limits are ones that I've had negative encounters with already. The only way I'd be in favour of removing the speed limiters from ATS and ETS would be if punishments were severely increased. No more 1-3 day ban crap. Put the first ban at a month and increase it from there.
  7. @PrinceOfJerusalemIf it gets rid of the speeders and the trolls, I don't see anyone complaining. So far the only people I've seen upset about this change are the ones that already have multiple bans against their accounts, it's only a matter of time before they're banned anyways. Might as well just hurry it up and make them quit on their own.
  8. I was refering to the drivers in those eastern European countries, not specifically yours. Just because people can speak/type decently doesn't mean English is our first language nor does it mean that we're necessarily sober when typing our sentences. I love how everyone always assumes that we (sim players) have never driven C-D road. Just because I try to avoid it like the plague doesn't mean I won't drive it with friends or sometimes end up in Western Germany and/or Eastern France. You state overtaking isn't the biggest problem then list overtaking in three of your four examples, great choices to try and argue your point. "While the rule clearly states that overtaking is forbidden in areas with 25+ players." I had not noticed that rule had been changed, it did ban overtaking entirely on C-D road at an earlier time. However with the exception of playing in the middle of the night, there's almost always 25+ people on C-D road that would cause that rule to be in effect. I've been there plenty, but hey, whatever narrative helps your argument. One of my most recent reports is from C-D road and also involves someone speeding and overtaking recklessly causing an accident between multiple people. But I guess I'm the problem since I like to drive at 90 KPH and you kids need to constantly max out your speed regardless of what the limit is set too. You don't seem to understand that you're arguing against your previous points. So if the players left Sim1 and went to Arcade1, suddenly there's more reports than before? (Somehow removing the speed limits from the sim servers wouldn't result in an increased number of reports in your mind) The admins already pay attention to all servers already, just because there's an arcade server doesn't mean reports from there just go straight in the trash. I played often on EU1, yet have never made a post whining that there were no players there. I fail to see how the speeders leaving the sim server would negatively effect me. The trolls and players that don't care will just swap servers and follow the player count leaving only those that actually want to be on the sim server. LoL. At what point did I say I couldn't take criticism? If I release a skin on Steam or a modding site and some kid starts demanding that I make a skin for his truck, that's not criticism, that's being entitled. As for "demand", I'm generalizing my responses to you because I've had these arguments for years on the forums with you speeding kids. Many of you don't understand how to make requests or to even voice a legitimate criticism, most of you will instantly just start whining about whatever it is you don't like. How many of you are posting suggestions and discussing actual solutions compared to how many of you are crying that TMP is dead or the game is ruined? You claim that any suggestion is useless as it wouldn't change anything from before, so why not actually try and discuss changes that could fix things instead of just demanding that the speed limits are removed from the sim servers. If I'm releasing a mod for the community, sure. If I'm just uploading a mod onto the steam workshop so my friends can use it, I don't owe the community jack shit. You seem to be confusing criticism with demands yourself, if I came and started posting that you need to port your HOI mod to another game, is that a criticism or a demand? Perhaps you should overhaul your mod and make it a total conversion Halo mod. It's just a simple criticism, so you should be happy to do it. /s
  9. LoL. Ok, whatever. Just ignore any argument that you don't like. Also, I didn't state that you were from Eastern Europe, I stated that Eastern European truck drivers are the ones you tend to see driving recklessly compared to the rest of the developed world. Go to Germany, England, or America and you don't see truckers driving like they do in Russia or Turkey. C-D Road also has a TMP wide rule banning overtaking, but hey, you do whatever you want, right? You're the special snowflake that deserves everything they demand. And I'm here expressing my thoughts to other players. At no point have I ever created a topic just to whine and bitch that my wants aren't being catered too, I'll just come to your posts and bitch out entitled demands. When one of you kids can come up with an actual constructive criticism argument I'm sure most of the adults would take you seriously. As a help, I'll use my previous statements to help you understand the difference between a constructive complaint and whining: Constructive: Why not use the arcade servers and make a post asking for collision physics or some event that can bring more players over? Useless whining: Go away you speeding troll. Sure I'm an asshole and I'm rude, but I've given you suggestions for your complaint and so far you've just ignored anything you haven't liked. So far you just want to be able to speed and crash around other players but you don't want to work towards a solution for that, you just want to change the rules on the simulation server to fit what you want. Whether I joined years ago (this isn't my only TMP account by the way, I've got two others I use when playing with my family) or if I joined today, the argument is still the same. You are not paying to use TMP nor are you employed by them in any fashion, so whatever changes they make are theirs to decide. You're the same as the entitled kids that demand I make them a mod or skin just because they feel like I owe them something. If I make a truck mod, it doesn't matter what you want, it's my mod. If I make a skin, same shit, it's MY skin. TMP has made a multiplayer mod and in doing so IT'S THEIR MOD! It's not yours, it's not the communities, it is theirs. Big bold letters: THEIRS. Constant whining and demands from entitled children are why I don't post any of my mods & skins on the internet anymore. I can only imagine how the TMP team feels with the constant whining from people that just demand things all the time.
  10. Clearly you've never been around to see all the people that told us to go play EU1 whenever someone complained about encountering a troll. When they're coming to the simulation server and start whining about the simulation rules, they sound like an entitled child. No one made a post complaining that the arcade servers are empty and they want more people to play with, they've made a post complaining that they can't speed or keep doing the reckless behaviour they want on a simulation server. It's a mod provided by a private group of individuals. If they want to make it a max of 50 kph and no collisions they can. It doesn't matter what you think is right or wrong, it's their project and they can do whatever they want with it. But once again, people are complaining about the speed limit on the sim server when there is a perfectly good server that doesn't have the restriction they're complaining about. You like to keep referencing 10 year olds but you seem to keep thinking that everyone should cater to your wishes. Guess what, my kid did that when they were 10. Grow the fuck up and realise that no one owes you anything especially when you're using something for free. How often do you see the sim players making posts whining about the trolls or speeders? We'll often comment in the post but we aren't making these topics as often as you kids are about speeding or your hatred of the rules. The adults will either play the game and accept the rules or we'll move onto something else, we're not going to sit and whine about how it's been ruined and the mod is dead now. LoL. If I wanted to overtake people I'd get in my car and go down to the track for a race weekend. I know in a lot of those shitty Eastern European countries your drivers don't have a clue, but in most of the civilized world you don't see semi trucks overtaking constantly on tight single lane roads. If you want to overtake someone on a multi-lane highway, I don't think anyone would bitch unless you hit them. However when you're trying to overtake on C-D road during a corner (especially when C-D road has a rule banning overtaking already), you're not showing you're a good driver, you're showing your an impatient child. TL;DR: Just because you want to play with others, doesn't mean you can dictate the simulation servers. Go play the arcade one and make posts asking for collision or to try and attract other players. Don't just whine like an entitled child that the server you picked doesn't cater to your wishes.
  11. This might sound rude but if you can't drive without crashing, stay in Single Player and practice. You'll want to enjoy your time online, not hit someone on your first drive and get banned.
  12. SCS have stated themselves that they're working on a bus/coach DLC just that it's not a high priority for their team. One can hope though that if/when it gets added that TMP will accomodate it to further the realisim of driving around Europe.
  13. I've seen trailers flying upon spawning in empty areas where they're designed. I've encountered my own rear HCT trailer sliding on me and I haven't set any of my settings to a negative, though an F7 teleport fixed the bug (0.23 is actually my preferred setting for all stability settings and I like realistic weights). I have both encounters recorded from my own perspective as well as from a friend's perspective that was driving with me. At no point have I stated that you shouldn't use double trailers or save-edit, I was just voicing an opinion that I doubt your save-edit has been completely without issue (especially since you yourself stated it had clipping issues). I just haven't been a fan of multiple trailers since I've started encountering the bugs during the last couple patches and I've stopped using them myself because of it since I don't want to risk causing someone else an issue and getting banned; that and I much prefer a decent working truck/trailer look rather than something flashy/gawdy.
  14. If you've never seen the double trailers flying across the sky upon spawning, or have never seen the rear trailers sliding around like they're on ice, I can easily send you some videos. Though allow me to state that I have no idea the actual frequency of these bugs, just that I have encountered weird issues with the stock double trailers in-game. Having just seen Forerunner's response, all I'm going to say is: LoL.
  15. Does anyone have an issue with DirectX11 not displaying the game in fullscreen mode?  If I launch windowed mode first it's fine, if I launch in fullscreen it just stays minimized in my taskbar until I enter/fumble my way through the menus and into the game.

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