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  1. Rico™

    Let's Look Back

    nice compilations over here :3, the best memory will be when I used to be in LGO as My First VTC and was fun times but it slowly died :c

                                                                        Taking some shots with @HeyItsAlex, @Gingerbeard and @Encrypted™ :love:



  3. Rico™

    Favourite Genre of Music

    Like multiple types of music such as Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, and some grime
  4. Rico™

    lul reaction

    +1 I think it would look nice, as I use it quite often like some people do
  5. Good Prime Convoy tonight, thanks to everyone that was there ;)mMbe6Nn.jpg

                              @MattTM, @Savage., @davidd, @_Ben_, @AgentDaxon, @Matt #CarLadMatt, @Endy_ + others :wub:

    1. MattTM


      It was a good convoy! Looking forward to the next one :) 

    2. Marcel l Prime
    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  6.                                                                                                Good Night Truckers :wub:W9CnIln.jpgtGlU0Uk.jpg

  7. Yes, all players lag at one point especially in high populated areas such as Calais or Duisburg, the lag gets insane and the FPS drops by a huge amount. Getting called a “lagger” is nothing bad, however you calling someone a “lagger” isn’t good either just send a friendly message them saying “Your lagging bad/sometimes”. Then I think that sets it all
  8.                                                                                                     Austria :wub:3N3nM4S.jpg3eze2gz.jpg

  9. Thanks for your follow as well! ;)

  10. Rico™

    What's new in Update 1.34?

    Yep i guess, it would look really nice
  11. Rico™

    Which DLC I should buy?

    I would also go for Scandinavia, the views are just amazing and it’s nice to drive in so I would definitely recommend it and it’s worth the price
  12. Rico™

    What is the best truck brand?

    Any truck really, they are all unique in their own ways, and I believe they are all nice trucks with design layouts and everything. However I mostly drive my Scania S or My Volvo in MP as I think they are really good to drive with and easier to haul compared to other trucks where it might be harder.
  13. Rico™

    Next DLC MAP in Ets2 !

    I believe that a Spanish DLC would be a really good addition to the game as Spain has some nice views and remarkable monuments so it would be really nice if they could add Spain.