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  1. Suggestion Name: Clean the in-game-time mess. Suggestion Description: Resolve the time difference between offline and online mode. A example for how to do this, is running the day-night time of the server in a separate (scripted) dialogue. Whilst your offline time, which actually counts for your profile keeps running on the background, to be there when you're offline again. (multiple resolutions are possible) Why should it be added?: I'd wish to play on a clean game, no cheats and such. This giant time difference brings my in-game days up to 600,000. And my money into the millions,
  2. Great idea. You'd have my support.
  3. I'd totally agree to this suggestion. I think that's all I got to say for now.
  4. Update: Added video tutorial for HCT and B-Double.
  5. Sorry pal', I don't think you will.
  6. Don't think you can beat me Lukiskywalker.
  7. My bot is going to get a very quick response, you don't even want to be my concurrent.
  8. I've developing a bot to post every time when someone else replies, you won't win from me with just a plan.
  9. Chickens and ducks are both fake. Because chickens are ducks pretending to be chickens, and ducks are chickens pretending to be ducks.
  10. I can't really support this, areas like this are very busy already. Not everyone here has a perfect internet connection, or beast PC. And no, I'm not speaking for myself here, I should be fine driving there. However, as I mentioned above, these cities are extremely busy already. And making a parking spot for convoys there would make it even worse. This means that a lot of people wouldn't be able to access Calais anymore. Most laggy people wouldn't go there anyway, but when having to unload. I think my point is clear anyway, I don't support this for the caused
  11. Flynn Dawson


    I won't support this as I don't really see the sense of it. We still have a report feature in order to report horn spam.
  12. Thank you for this information, you actually helped me out with this. =)
  13. Mijn feedback is opgelost, bedankt voor uw reactie en spoedige actie/resultaten.
  14. Beste Scar. Ik zou graag willen weten hoe lang het gaat duren voordat mijn feedback wordt afgehandeld. Ik heb namelijk nog een tweede feedback die ik graag in wil sturen. Maar ik kan er niet meerdere tegelijk openenen. Ik snap dat het misschien druk is met de feedback tickets. Maar zou toch willen vragen hoe lang het waarschijnlijk nog gaat duren. Alvast bedankt voor je tijd/hulp in dit process. Met vriendelijke groet, Flynn Dawson. PS: Doe het even zo omdat je privé berichten uit hebt staan, maar wel actief lijkt te zijn met het doorzoeken van forum sect
  15. Great to see more realism incoming.
  16. Looks awesome already, I'm very excited about this upcoming DLC, keep it up!
  17. I'll plan a route to these locations and try to find them, I'd think that would be a funny thing to do somehow. Thanks for the list.
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