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  1. Suggestion Name: new paint jobs and beacons for cars. Suggestion Description: I think truckersmp should make new car paint jobs and beacons because I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing the old car paint jobs and only 1 beacon. It would be nice to add some new designs and beacons. Any example images: Why should it be added?: it would be more interesting to see other paints jobs and beacons for cars.
  2. More variety for Caravans

    It's a great idea...+1. I have been having some problems with trying to keep my car on the ground lol not saying idk dknt know how to drive one but yes this well in need. Great idea buddy!
  3. Mute system

    I disagree because if someone is insulting someone on the CB can easily mute the person but (tab-right click-find the person on the list-click on there name-and look at the bottom of the tab and click on mute) 2. You close turn the chat off off by click f11 or f10 , one of those button near it. It will block all the messages you don't want to read and what ever else. 3. I kinda agree but no. Best regards
  4. Own transport company

    +1 like the idea
  5. Pressing "/" should open chat with "/" already typed in

    This is really useful for wheel drivers. Having to look up and down at the keybord to use a /fix or /pinto quickly.
  6. What do you think about caravan

    its great idea but i have been seeing a lot of trucks using the trailer and it does not look right
  7. Whats your favourite car colour?

    my fav color is pupal for cars but at the same time its my company colors.
  8. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned for saying i found spongebob in game
  9. Smart GPS

    100% agreed. Great idea but it would be probly hard to see other player on the road with a big icon on your GPS.
  10. Headlights-ON warning beep

    I like this idea +1 this is really helpful for people that keep there eye on the road at all times.
  11. Automatic crash reporter

    Great idea but at the time not sure if it would work out on mistake crashes.
  12. The difference between the servers.

    My fav server is eu 2
  13. Any recommend bus sim?

  14. fernmbus simulator

    Ohhh hmm I have been fooled them hahah thx guys!
  15. afk timer

    Great idea this would really help the player not to spam th e in game chat be ok we they don't know when it will kick you.