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  1. Happy birthday :wub:

  2. Good morning, everyone. 🙃

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      good evening  :)

  3. Good afternoon everyone. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving 

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving break 

  6. I try not to report unintentional ramming because we one time been in their shoes where someone had rammed you, f7 and the person you rammed into probably wanted to report you. I still wouldn't report as it would be unfair to them
  7. I look for a VTC that focuses more on the professional side. A VTC that has drivers who respects everyone inside and out. The amount of drivers does not matter but the quality (I think I used the right wword) does. A strong, hard working VTC will become many things in the future.
  8. Thanks for the follow!

  9. Congratulations, good luck with your new role. 

  10. Oof, I forgot about this game
  11. Ashlyn

    3 Million Users

    Congratulations, TruckersMP. I am so happy to hear this accomplishment. I really hope for the beat in the future and that this community keeps growing with goals.
  12. Congratulations dude :)

  13. Very useful site, thanks for advising us!
  14. Yay you're back

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