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  1. Oi, one more mini post. Thanks for 800 reputations ❤️


  2. Private Convoy VTC Bears :D

    (Don't blame me for paintjob xD)

    1. KneyS


      Nice pic! :love: 

    2. Darie_sofer


      Nice trucks.👍

  3. Hello @DuduHell, As a player, I can say only one thing. It is YOUR problems because you can have low internet speed and basically when you are loading in the place where many players you will be kicked if your internet isn't good. I can give you some recommendations. Turn off your antivirus if you have it. Close browser when you load the game, you can open it later, but you can be kicked. Lower the graphics settings, it also affects the loading. If it doesn't help you, create a ticket for the support team and I think that with the support you can find the solution
  4.  Are you ready to Real Operation? :)

    1. JTrocks55


      Nice truck! ❤️ 

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