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  1. Hello @Mrashyr, This problem with TMP synchronization. I think that you need create support ticket about this problem, because here we can’t help you
  2. Hello @Chuck Norris Sr., In Tab settings you have "speed limiter", for disable it. Open Tab - settings - General - and find "speed limiter". I hope it will help you
  3. Hello @Pmuecke, I recommend you to check your local files, probably you have problem with it, also if you change something with "app should start" in properties app remove it and it should works.
  4. Hello! I want to invite everyone to my event, which I am organising with @RB1988@Charlie x@Milo665 [BE] and @sgtharley5050. This event about Cancer Research UK, it is absolutely different event, the last event was organised by HES and how I know the event was not good. I will be happy if you vote on the event page, also I invite you to discord :)

    1. Naza D

      Naza D

      Present to support the cause against cancer, although there is still a long way to go for the convoy. If you need anything you can contact me to help you

    2. GutzyTTV


      Good luck with the event, Hope it goes well!

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