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  1. Server Ets 2 MP

    Hello @simon2401 what do you mean by crashing can you show us what is happening to your gameplay if its a server problem we know that players do dc and that because of your internet connection could be so bad that it makes u leave sometimes its could be because your headlights are not on at night.
  2. [SCS Blog] Revisiting Germany

    i like the old one sad to see it going. its better because the grass is in dark green witch is really good but on the other side what ever makes devs happy makes me happy to 3 years straight and mp is growing really good!
  3. Caravans are here!

    i like it because we can do jobs as a trucker does something new
  4. Happy Birtday @Killua // Ireland ^_^ enjoy your cake and have a very fantastic day man :wub:

  5. A Way to get the same jobs as my friends?

    im not very to sure i use google for it i don't play mp as much anymore but um feel free to go to the help section and one of the moderator or someone can help you more good luck
  6. A Way to get the same jobs as my friends?

    the server are up but if your talking about the new version coming i got no clue that really up to the devs but make sure to check out
  7. A Way to get the same jobs as my friends? feel free to read the rest of the topic other way i would do is download a save game from the website and you and your friends should have the same jobs etc... but that really up to u oh and also here is a video
  8. How to proceed when rammed.

    well that a thing in busy areas u need to make sure u are not parking or else u might get banned for useless traffic due to the rule of tmp so just be aware of that as well but i really do like guide it does help but sadly and most of us here in the forums already know how to reports etc... what they need is to advertise it in the main menu ingame similar to what they did with the rules i was very glad that they accepted it once i have said it. i know its alot of hard work to do but if we can show to our players who does join tmp ingame that they are aware of what going on etc... like we could of a system ingame where players can go to let say a guide section ingame and it will bring up all the help they need or else as a new player not everyone knows the forums until they have been banned or someone tells them there a forum etc...
  9. Deathfollow

    there 2 way one for turning left and one for turning right you took the other lane and turn and crashed into the on coming user its your job to give way . it more of reckless driving really not a ncz at all but how ever u might of been in ghost mode etc... as you said u create a account etc... so u must be new to the mp mod i see. just next time when u are login busy roads etc... pull over to the side and wait 2-3 mins for it to load the whole game
  10. sometimes i just wish poeple could respect each other :(  in the last 2 years so far i had problems going  to work where people in cars through food at me or horn there horns etc.. just to annoy me  :(  but at the same time it is Australia :) worst place to live that for sure hahaha  but nothing can be so bad then middle east :(  i can't drive due to disability + there no transport help for us people like my self  its just a matter of time  when someone is in trouble :( 

  11. this song brings back my old  memory when i first join tmp 

    it was empty roads nothing but empty  haha  but in 2015 we saw the change in tmp 

    1. stilldre1976


      ahh the calm days lol I hear this song now everytime I run down c+d road lmao :lol:



    2. SimulatorExperiencer


      i wonder what is it like there these days  haha  i haven't been playing ets2mp or atsmp for a while i jump on and off to boost my hrs


      im working on a new simulator game driving game by the way  :) i can't say much still working on it 

  12. Forum Game / Fun - One Fact About You!

    im always on steam @DJ Jefferz your on tv? hiding from us so we can't show our talent i see
  13. How to complain to the administrator?

    you have to use the feed back email that truckers mp have
  14. Thanks for the follow :D

  15. good morning everyone :P

    1. [ETS2MCG] Masunio

      [ETS2MCG] Masunio

      good evening and have a nice day :)