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  1. i'm feeling happy after my last pay from my work :D  


    i worked really hard so  i get rewarded  :D   i'm  planing on going to my fav pc seller and get him to set up  Five Monitor Screen 


    :)  i have one atm but  its just to bright  lol so i got to get a new one.  

  2. when the weekend  is gone :P  



  3. Dream cars!

  4. look out :)  there going to be steam sale soon , prob next week  :P  everyone hide  your wallets  :D 

  5. wish everyone weekend the best :)  ill be back  on Sunday :)  :D  



    1. Kiina // Chinezen ^_^

      Kiina // Chinezen ^_^

      Hello, we have time difference with Australia. Tomorrow is Saturday

  6. i heard this on ets2 radio :D could not stop playing it  lol 




  7. @Rekoil_ 


    :D i remember  your old pink trucks  you use to drive  :)  lol good old days  haha

  8. @DJ Bob - do you still play ets2mp> lol been a long time  hehe

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    2. Lester_1981


      Well maybe if I can get lucky enough to get that game I would be glad to drive with you. I really wish I had that game because it looks awesome. I like everything I have seen on it however I hear that multiplayer can be really tough and very stressful at times. Something about the Calais-Duisburg road area? 

    3. SimulatorExperiencer


      if you do get it, feel free to convoy with me, also u can  add me on steam 




    4. Lester_1981


      I will keep you in mind thanks

  9. oh wow  :D  i got to clean up my room  lol :D some of you prob  didn't know , but i my self buy always get ever single new lego Technic toys  :D   etc...  in my spare time  i just sit here and build what i can with my Lego Technic  :D 


    :D not like last time  i was walking  in my room and ouch  i stepped on a   Lego piece :D  i was in a hurry for a convoy   lol 

  10. Anyone know good recording programs?

    Playstv is easy and free to use its less work to do lol , obs and thoes other rec , take alot of time to set up if you are a pro at it go for it but my option is playstv , u can download it
  11. can some one find me this song please  :D  


    i can't seem to fins it  :D



  12. i'm feeling happy  :D the developer for gold rush the game said they will add steam trading cards ! woah  xd  im ready for it  







  13. @Lorenita :D  lol  



    and this is why  i hate people overtaking me  :D  now everyone  will learn to stop and relax , no need to overtake if the person is slow! :) 


  14. :D what people do when there no admins  







  15. :D i was  playing fs17 and this happen  lol  trolls use the train to ram the trucks  hahaha