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  1. @[TUG] Harley happy birthday From SIMULATOR  and best of luck for your future  plans  From :tmp::check:

  2. @Clarkinator happy birthday bro :D  

    1. Away from the keyboard

      Away from the keyboard

      I watched some of his Twitch videos and saw him playing Spintires, ha ha...


  3. i got a question so u know how we have scs software flags ingame can we also  have scs software  ingame  name tags? 

  4. my new steam profile background  



    1. SimulatorExperiencer



      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ :D  got zup 7  now  lol  more new background :D 


      those 2  i got , the last  one  i have to wait from steam support  due to glitch :D 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  5. we did it boys :D


    new zup 7 backgrounds  lol 


    i won the one i wanted  



    i got death clouds on my 2 account  but  now  i got to wait a week :(  lol steam  grrr lol 


  6. for anyone here who plays minecraft



    check out this awesome game





    1. TSRVTC-Truckerpilot


      looks good i gotta give it a try and then see if i wanna buy the pro

  7. :o sory to see  you go man :D we  had fun with your stream :D good ol days  haha   we wish you the best of luck for your dreams and future plans :) from Simulator B)




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SimulatorExperiencer


      i honestly think he was the best, always friendly no matter what he will always  fix every ones issue :D 


      back when i was in high school   i remember  he the first guy  i would contact him  for any issue :D  how ever even my self i get that feeling where  i just want to play other games beside tmp :D 


    3. Mr_Pingu


      i dont know why i have this gut feeling but i do, i feel like that Tmp will get worse over time without him :(

    4. SimulatorExperiencer


      maybe :D once in a while everyone going to go :D tmp is fun for those who love driving in  a way :D  i took this game as  my life  in a way. but when i got sik of the same thing  i play other games time to time  :D  



  8. i got a bug ingame


    ok so i turn off rain / snow / winter mod . but it still snows?  what  am  i doing wrong?  . i just don't want it to snow . i hate snow  in truckersmp, for me it just because of the lag etc... 

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    2. SimulatorExperiencer


      Oh yea :D it was in general :D ty 

    3. doorgapmonster


      No problem

    4. izm07


      You should close session (or season i don't remember which one is true) effect. ^_^

  9. :D  i know  i am missing out  on all the fun in truckers mp :D i haven't seen the what in the game since the new scania :D  but  i  hope everyone having fun!



    idk when  ill return to mp :D the feeling when  i reach 2k  hrs  was  amazing and  i  had  alot of  fun :D 2018  is  on the way  everyone :D new games and new dlc  :) B)

    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      Wow, 2k hours? I think I've got a little over 400 hours lol

    2. iFlufy


      wow 2k :D congrat :D

      I have 460hours :D 

  10. :D been a long time  since i posted  here :) just wanted to thank all the people who said happy b day to me :)   i feel like tmp is getting a  bit old for me  so  im trying to enjoy me  other games :D someone once told me  i play the same game  and that was true  but  atm i am wanting to give other games a try :D  anyways  i would love and see some of the new updates in the game  feel free to share  with me  :)  

  11. Happy Birthday Experiencer :) 

  12. Happy Birthday Simulatoorrr! :D