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  1. omg  i love fs17 its one of the most funniest simulator game  i have ever played :D  the mp is just funny  LOL omg it made my day  

  2. Scandi looks like C-D Road come and join the fun!!

    ( if i was you guys stay away from popular areas due to rules apply) a rule witch everyone forgets is "Adding useless traffic" some of the olden admins still ban players for this ( how ever the new admins not always) have fun now and keep safe
  3. i had a dream that tmp made new cars 


     lol it was the weird dream and in my dream  i saw new cop cars for admins and  for players new sport car :D i wish i can show  u guys/girls  what cars it was  but  very hard to tell lol 


    am  i in the future? :D  give me some vodka plz @I<3Vodka haha  jks  

    1. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Ok sir i think you need to lay off the drinking for a few days :P and hand it over here so I can have a dream like that. 

    2. SimulatorExperiencer


      lol :D ay stay out of my dream, can't  u see im driving  haha  jks  


      locking my car now so no  one gets the new car :D  haha jks 

    3. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Have you thought about this. If he is having dreams of certain vehicles and all then do you not think he can dream of vehicles not being locked. So what we need to do is build a vehicle that is dream proof. Lets goto Top Gear of U.K with Jeremy Clarkson and come up with a plan.

  4. im stoping buying  scs sofware dlc  , due to the fact its mostly going to be more truck parts etc.. and  i my self  don't want to  keep spending cash  on new truck parts etc... only if  its reasonable 

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    2. SimulatorExperiencer


      after all its owned by scs software and  no  i hardly know who pro mods  is  etc... . they prob use scs software engine after all  so i mean there no big deal ( its a bit  like mp mod)  the devs / team hardly get paid for it)  

    3. KrewlexDesigns


      You do understand that SCS is a bigger team than Promods team , SCS has programmers , mappers , texture artists etc. Promods makes maps and codes at the same time . and its all free. Promod team is waaaay infront SCS . If you dont know their team and their map , look on yt.

    4. Pegesus


      Most of the modding community is way ahead of SCS :troll:

  5. who like my new steam profile ?  lol 




    new background 


  6. Good luck out there everyone and keep safe :D its the weekend , but  i have work ;)



    1. revoluti0n


      Enjoy work as much as you can. Next week is a five week month for me <_<

      month*. I can't type..

      Stay safe.

  7. is this real or fake? 



    mine is > Total: A$ 890.13 (576 items) ?  omg 

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    2. Spieker [GER]
    3. DrEGZo


      Failed: Servers are busy, try again later.


    4. Beefy32659_YT


      Mine wouldn't work. :( 

  8. :P my brother nice :D  gave me 10k gems  lol  not to sure if  i shall sell  it or not  lol  ill prob wait :P i still need to get rid of my trading cards  haha 


  9. @Lorenita i just notice you are a trial support :) ;) good luck haha  


    i been busy  with my steam profile each day haha  looking  towards making it better each day :P  my brother  is  level is 300 :(  lucky  him :D  dw  ill be there one  day   lol :wub:  

    1. Lorenita


      thank you very much ^_^

    2. SimulatorExperiencer


      np haha there  alot of strange things  happening more new support  admins etc... i never seen them before :D  i use to like the  olden days  when @frankypoolplayer was a admin.  jm was awesome etc...  and  i<3vodka  haha  the best days are over now -_- oh well 

  10. New profile background for steam  i got  

















  11. :D who is ready for christmas  ?  i know  i am  hehe :) 



    got a new couple of backgrounds :P 

  12. Community Success Stories Part 1 - LTBD VTC

    Very awesome!!
  13. Feeling good today  haha 


    i made a bit more money from selling my steam items :) :D:wub: pubg is the best <3

    1. stilldre1976


      Seen a dude with the school skirt on today in lobby he must be saving it for his retirement haha :lol: I still wants a trench coat that red ones nice the maddening thing is I preordered it but it ran like crap on the gfx I had then, so got my money back, upgraded and bought it again... the price of that hooded coat is insane now my 4 other clan mates still got theres

  14. OMG  i Won A knife :) sold for 500 usd  Nice  i feel so happy now