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  1. David Edson

    Official Convoy - 26th May 2019

    See you all there!
  2. David Edson

    TruckersMP at Truckfest Peterborough

    Amazing, this certainly provided good photos and a good story to tell.
  3. Well, after some days the anniversary event server went offline, i hope you enjoyed that a lot! :)



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. XinBao^


      I don't like the TMP5 server. If you are a truck, he is also a truck! Are you colliding together? He went to report your video. You are forbidden! How do you explain? If you don't have a video, but you are using a TMP5 server, which proof can you use:)

    3. Thurston


      That's right. It's a pain for the players

    4. ScaniaFan89


      Because people don't read the rules

  4. David Edson

    TruckersMP 5th Anniversary

    Happy birthday TruckersMP, and congrats to everyone, specially to this amazing community!
  5. David Edson

    Renault Trucks Factory

    incredible as after +2.000 hours of game I still discover new things. Thank you for sharing this information!
  6. el corno

  7. David Edson

    Best colour combination for a truck?

    I do not usually use too much colors and flashy combinations. I normally use the manufacturer's original colors or even a basic black/white.
  8. David Edson

    Getting kicked from the server

    You need probably turn on your lights.
  9. David Edson

    TruckersMP merchandise

    Good... a TruckersMP mug to drink some coffee while i work looks not bad...
  10. David Edson

    New Italy City

    SCS said on blog post "As with most islands, you won't find any highways there, but many smaller rural roads." And well, i like these small roads, probably will be a lovely place to drive.
  11. It will be a different experience, i'm anxious to see.
  12. David Edson

    TruckersMP 5 Year Anniversary - Events

    Amazing! Enjoy guys!
  13. David Edson

    How did you come up with your username?

    Well, i personally have problems with usernames, so i just use my name.
  14. David Edson

    Console ETS2

    Delete the "config" file and open the game again, this will return to normal. you'll probably have to reconfigure your graphics and controls, though, it's the easiest way to get this back to the default. (Open the spoiler)