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  1. Happy Birthday mate

  2. Hey Tmp users, What would you think of updating the in-game rules on Truckers MP? Lately my team and I have had problems with the specification of the game rules on the simulation servers. We think there should be more reference to the law in force and the rules should be better illustrated with examples. What do you think? We should also talk about the way reports are processed. We have had a lot of disproportionate decisions recently. We respect the decisions but would like a closer line to applicable law (STVO) Have a great day ? Niklas - Thermo Liner Group | Founder https://thermo-liner-group.net
  3. Hallo liebe Ets 2 Comunity, wir Salat Mafia und @LPmitElias veranstalten ein Event mit einigen Besonderheiten. Hier haben wir grundlegende Informationen: bitte hier Anmelden: https://forms.gle/N7QcXuZ5JqJXUXy87 https://ets2c.com/view/85629/salat-mafia-paris-service-station Datum: 15.05.2020 Uhrzeit: Treffen ab 18.00 Uhr. Start ab 19.00 Uhr. Treffpunkt: Paris ( mehr Infos folgen durch das Convoy Management ) Zielort: Milano ( Parkmöglichkeiten bei IKA ) Streckenlänge: ca. 1500 kilometer Route: Absicherung durch: ConSec Server: Event Server Convoy Team: Salat Mafia | LpmitElias | ConSec wenn Ihr fragen habt könnt ihr uns gerne fragen. Danke für eure Zeit, Der Veranstalter Englischer Beitrag:
  4. I am driving with my MAN TGX 18.750 ^^ A little bit of Saveediting and nice DLC´s. I like this brand!
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