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  1. what the hell is up with ats us server its super super super laggy like not even drivabe super laggy

    1. DrEGZo


      I've been on that sever about 1.5 hours ago, didn't have any problems

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  2. BL4CK$K1LL or BlackSkill ?

    1. DrEGZo


      Uhm... that's pretty difficult... hmm... lemme think about this for a minute...




      Actually that was pretty easy.


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  3. Hello sir , u banned me .. but please take a GOOD look on the Video ;)
    it aint me ..

  4. Hello sir , u banned me .. but please take a GOOD look on the Video ;)
    it aint me ..

    1. DrEGZo


      Yep, you are right, the guy who recorded entered a wrong ID when doing /pinfo.


      Nevertheless, you cannot be unbanned if you ask here. Better create an appeal: https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      Posting a topic in Help will help you neither.

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  5. Wew!

    I just became Veteran Driver here on forum!

  6. Wew!

    I just became Veteran Driver here on forum!

  7. if you need a free profile picture I highly recommend @BL4CK$K1LL.

  8. Thanks for the useless /fix command!! havent played since yesterday and didnt used it, now i log got rammed and have to wait several seconds to use it, it will be better if you just disabled it

    what a joke

    1. DrEGZo



      oO Didn't know that... I had know idea what happened to that command

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  9. Kann man die DLC's wie Bella Italia online spielen?


  10. an an admin look at my appeal please?

  11. Next part for the DeLorean.

    I will make every Wednesday/Thursday an update to this awesome vehicle.

    Until this vehicle is complete.


    Feature of complete DeLorean:

    Lights like at the original car, Flux Capacitor too

    Hower Mode (allowed to change position of wheels)


    Yeah thats hit of the features of this amazing car.

  12. Do you want this?: 


  13. Do you want this?: 


  14. So I think I'll also tell you my point of view for this /fix feature...


    The things that are most important in my opinion:

    • There are some steps needed in order to avoid abuse of that command.
    • Everyone should be able to use it, no restrictions based on bans/the kind of vehicle/anything similar.
    • It should not be like the No damage mod, because that mod was easy to abuse. 
    • It should be useful and make a difference to F7 (and not only a difference of time).


    The first point is the most important one for me. The recently added cooldown would solve that at all, hence this is one possbible solution. But I noticed a lot of disagreement and I do understand it. There is no guarantee that you need to use this command less than every 10 minutes. Perhaps you crash twice after a short time and you have to use F7 again.

    So that is not the best solution.


    I would like to replace the timer by another condition: it should be impossible to use this command when the vehicle is moving. Reason: it's also to prevent abuse for trolling. Additionally, at the moment this way of fixing is already possible: stop your truck, save your game, remove the wear, load the game, done. The command would do something that has been possible all the time by save editing - but it has one advantage: it is faster.

    And if anyone still has concerns as for abuse: we could also keep the cooldown and set it to a lower time, for example 60 seconds (should be enough, but not too much).


    You should not be able to use it only with an attached trailer. I mean, you can also crash accidentally when you don't have a trailer. And for this case, you still have to F7, and the  command would be useless. It should be also available for cars, because crashing with a car is much more common as you might know, hence it needs the command even more urgently. Some people might think that this would be an advantage for trollers. I tell you: as long as other trucks ram me when I am driving a car, this command needs to be usable for cars as well.


    Regarding WoT jobs... I think it doesn't make that much sense to prohibit it for WoT contracts. I mean, everyone should recognize (at the latest when they tried it once) that it doesn't work. And even if you try it, you might spawn on the middle of the road - but that's what we got ghost mode for. So no big deal here, I don't think that there are any restrictions necessary.


    Oh, and one last point... It makes no sense to remove the wear of the truck only. This is the thing making this command special.


    The /fix command should not add anything new. It should only support things that are available by save editing (means: stopping, removing wear from truck and trailer, continuing the trip). The advantages: it can be used by players that don't have experience in save editing, and it is also faster and less inconvenient. 


    It would add nothing new and would be still be useful. Nobody would have a reason to complain anymore.

  15. If developers have somewhere the opinion of their rightful players who feel the realism of the game, and they support the trolls once again in the last few months, I don't intend to continue playing in multiplayer until someone finally thinks about it and deletes it idiotic /fix function, which in my opinion killed completely the sense of the existence of multiplayer for this game.


    Skoro deweloperzy mają gdzieś zdanie swoich prawilnych graczy, którzy czują sens realizmu tej gry, a sami popierają trolli po raz kolejny w ciągu ostatnich kilkudziesięciu miesięcy nie mam zamiaru dalej grać w trybie multiplayer dopóki dopóty ktoś w końcu nie pójdzie po rozum do głowy i skasuje tą idiotyczną funkcję /fix, która w moim mniemaniu zabiła całkowicie sens istnienie multiplayera do tej gry.

    1. DrEGZo


      Don't think so. The only difference between this command and the no damage mod is the necessarity to type a command (but that's not that hard). 

      Hence this new feature is as well abusable as the no damage mod used to be. We could also add a /ncz command. NOT for causing crashs of course, just for... you know, isn't it even better to avoid any collision than getting damage and removing it afterwards? Why not getting no damage at all? /ncz would be the solution, I would not be surprised if this will be the next feature.


      And afaik even if a player used to use the no damage mod, he still reported the players ramming him, because... uhm... no, I have no idea why. Maybe because they feel like a winner this way or something.

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  16. Ich wahr hier wohl schon lange nicht mehr... seit wann bist du mod? lol

  17. Well... You should update your header image.

  18. Why am I here?

    I don't even like forums.

    Many users and too long messages.

    But the posts are more helpful than on Discord.

    Could that be the sense of all life in the world? TMP forums

    1. DrEGZo


      Du hast heute mal wieder meine Notification Box zugespammt




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  19. Why am I here?

    I don't even like forums.

    Many users and too long messages.

    But the posts are more helpful than on Discord.

    Could that be the sense of all life in the world? TMP forums

  20. Saxony sounds well ;) 


  21. Saxony sounds well ;) 


  22. He... Hellooo.... Is this thing on?

  23. Announcement soon.

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