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  1. Good Luck İn The Future, See You :(

    1. Gromm99


      it is just temporarly for 1 week

  2. thanks for the follow

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      No problem :D

  3. thanks for the spam :troll:

    1. Gromm99


      you are welcome

  4. thanks for the follow

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      You're welcomed my dear friend :-) 

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  6. hahaha thanks for the follow

  7. happy birthday

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      Thank you! 

  8. oh welcome back if you want any help pm me in discord and i will answer when i can

  9. 1 server for ATSMP

    @ItsDaFuzz we won´t shut down eu 4 eu3 or eu1 due to the high amount of players that is using those servers, also we don´t want every person trying to log into eu2 which has a max amount of 3700 players.
  10. 1 server for ATSMP

    we have 2 servers on ats due to ms lag some have less ms on american server then they do on europe so that is why we got 2 servers right now
  11. Problem: No connection with the servers

    topic inactive //locked and moved to inactive
  12. Chat kapatma

  13. Worst Band!

    i like sabaton, black veil brides and the worst one is one direction justin bieber
  14. i hope to see alot of people on the real ops 3 later today

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    2. IL Sea Lion

      IL Sea Lion

      I'll be there :)

    3. Gromm99


      be a good sea lion now @IL Sea Lion cause maybe you can get some of @Penguins fish

    4. TWG - Ray