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  1. I can't log in

    issue solved //locked and moved to solved
  2. truckers mp not saving

    issue fixed //locked and moved to solved
  3. Starting a company

    the only company you can have in game is ai drivers that drives truck you have on your profile but that will cause time sync issues @Yertsa did the answers above help you?
  4. Starting a company

    @Yertsa the money within the company is just to show how much the company have made it can´t be used in game since each profile is just on your computer so if you have like 1 million and one of your drivers in the vtc have like 200k and the company have got in 900k euro then it doesn´t add 900k euro to every user it just stays what the user have got one there own profile.
  5. locked due and moved to inactive due to no answer within 72hours of last post //locked and moved to inactive
  6. happy birthday

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Thank you ❤️

  7. time for you to take your banhammer and smash some people with it

  8. Hours played at ETS2?

    3405 hours i used to play almost everyday until i got assinged into the tmp team as support then the time have decreased due to me prioritising tmp before me playing
  9. Any recommend bus sim?

    i think most people recommend fermbus or omsi2
  10. Directory

    Greetings @dylhebbz have the answers above helped you with your issue? if so please tell us Happy trucking
  11. good to see that you solved the issue ;) forum is a really helpfull place when it comes to stuff that i don´t know like activating this function that i used now

    1. shadowNightS


      hahah, thank you for helping me sir. have a great day 

    2. Gromm99


      you´re welcome and stay safe on the roads

  12. Unlink TruckersMP profile from Steam profile

    Greetings @Flew_watchYT did my teammate @[WT] AlexXX answer your question? if so please tell us
  13. Connection error

    locked and moved to inactive due to no response the last 72 hours //locked and moved to inactive
  14. happy birthday teammate

    1. Kayr0


      Thanks Gromm

  15. Truckers MP on Macbook or OSX

    @DJ Pozna have the answers above helped you with the problem?