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  1. Gromm99

    MP ye girilemeiyor

    Greetings @FearlesSmT you question is in turkish but is posted in a english help section so i will help you and move it to the turkish help section. & Lütfen Türkçe içerikli yardım konuları için Yardım / Destek kategorisini kullanın. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/233-yardım-destek/ //moved to yardim/destek
  2. Gromm99

    Scout ExtraD gears???

    Greetings @Mike Souler as my friend @Rasmus [SWE] said it is a known bug and you can find it in here that the gearbox bug will be fixed in the scout rework
  3. happy birthday

    1. El Barto

      El Barto

      Kinda late but, Thank you! :D

  4. Greetings @Barinthus74 based on what you said above with the speed limiter is greyed out is cause you got a world of trucks job active so try and go into the main menu and check if you see anything about a job if so then cancel the job. i hope i described it really good so you will understand how to get that job deleted. kind regards gromm99 tmp support
  5. Gromm99

    wont registure that i have ets2

    Greetings @lki26wa Please follow this screenshot http://prntscr.com/j4gkew .You need to have your profile and game details set to public, so that we can verify you have ETS2/ATS in your library and have at least 2 hours on it. You also need to uncheck.“Always keep my total playtime private”. Im looking forward to hear from you if this fixed the issue.
  6. @crazy8s so the job issue is fixed?
  7. Greetings @crazy8s while in the main menu where you see a cinematic camera move around your truck look in the top left corner and it should say something about a job clock on it then click abond and then you don´t have a job running anymore. i hope this fixes your issue if not then just post in here again. kind regards gromm99 tmp support
  8. Gromm99


    Greetings since this topic is in turkish i will move it for you into the correct section of the forum //moved to yardim/destek
  9. Gromm99

    Reports Limit

    Greetings @SkyMas7er23 did any of the answers above answer your question? if so please either mark the best answer or type a comment if you have gotten a good answer and don´t need further help
  10. Gromm99


    //moved to yardim/destek
  11. Gromm99

    Lojistiğin faydalari ne?

    //Moved to yardim/destek
  12. Gromm99

    Gigaliner / Double-Trailer überall benutzbar?

    Da von dir noch kein Zeichen kam, ob dein Problem gelöst wurde, oder nicht, werde ich das Thema aufgrund von Inaktivität (7 Tage) schließen. Bei weiteren Fragen oder Problemen kannst du gerne ein neues Thema aufmachen. //Verschoben zu Ungelöst.
  13. @Gromm99

    happy Birthday:wub: