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  1. Freezes on Launch

    problem solved //locked and moved to solved
  2. Şikayet Edemiyorum.

    //moved to yardım/destek
  3. meine dlcs werde nicht erkannt

    //moved to hilfe
  4. thanks for the follow

  5. thanks for the follow

    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      with pleasure Gromm99 :)

  6. how can i change ranck

    @Ady Man did the answers above answer your question?
  7. TruckersMP Launcher

    problem solved //locked and moved to solved
  8. Game Crash

    god eftermiddag @[MEMES4LIFE] TAPG<3 SWE kan du vara snäll och beskriva ditt problem lite mer så vi kan hjälpa dig, good afternoon @[MEMES4LIFE] TAPG<3 SWE can you please explain the issue you face a bit more so we can help you
  9. I cant Join ETS MP2

    issue is fixed @acarburak33 tried to login to the incorrect tmp account with another steam account they found there mail and was able to login to the correct tmp account that is linked with the steam account that @acarburak33 is logged in on there pc
  10. Cannot Connect Server Ets 2 Multiplayer

    Greetings @AleSamu9604 multiple answers have been given but did anyone help you with your issue?
  11. Problem with DLC

    Greetings @luka33 the issue isn´t made by tmp so i suggest that you ask for help here on scs forum they might be able to help you with that dlc issue
  12. No one admin is looking at the reports.

    locked and moved to solved on users request //locked and moved to solved
  13. No one admin is looking at the reports.

    Greetings @ogun07aygun have the answers above helped you with your question, if so please mark the best answer or type that your question is answered
  14. Profile not showing in ETS2 Mp

    Greetings @Deio Keios so your profile got deleted? if so then enter documents > euro truck simulator 2 then go into profiles(x.xx.x.xx).bak and pic the missing profile. (x.xx.x.xx is the game version number i recommend to take latest) the save will be a bit old so it might miss stuff but atleast it will let you get your 2 year profile back with most of the stuff you did
  15. locked and moved to inactive due to no reply within 72 hours //moved to inactive