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  1. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    The only thing on this picture that could possibly get you in trouble if done in mp is being on an unreachable location (aka. being outside of the drivable map); Mind confirming whether this is correct? @Nataliia (edit: might be a bit off-topic)
  2. DLC parts on mp skoda

    I am aware that it is bannable, only checked after posting, but to be honest i would've expected it to be not allowed and that's why i posted it (as it's still better to prevent than to cure). Like stated on the original report, I didn't buy it / leave the store; the only thing i did was try to put them on there in the same way as we can put the police paint on there (same story, can preview, can't take it out)
  3. Mods

    Most (practically all) mods are disable on TruckersMP for safety and integrity reasons. However, mods that don't need to be running to have effect - mods like save editors - do work but should be used within the rules. Any mod you need to add to your savegame and that needs to stay there to have effect, won't work on TruckerMP. Hope this helps, Toonager
  4. As per how to get a caravan with Virtual Speditor, you should just be able to select the caravan from the cargo list. The caravan was in the list after loading my mp save
  5. How many reports you guys have on the website?

    I'm currently sitting at 17 reports.
  6. I've heard you like cats?


    Here you have a picture of ours


  7. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for being a Bomb. Please don't explode in my face wile i show the way out
  8. I can agree with you to the point where Going East might need a rework to be in line with the newer map expansions. But the same would be the case with the base game map.
  9. Chrome wheels on trailers

    I like the idea of having different types of wheels on trailers, but for most people this wouldn't make sense to use as all they do it pick up a trailer at point A and deliver it to point B. At that moment there is no reason to be save editing your trailer as you'll just drop it off and will have to do it over again on the new trailer.
  10. I generally think the paint jobs are the ones that may be too much. I love the map expansions as they add functional content to the game, so do the tuning DLC. However the paint jobs cost you 1 euro a piece while they add purely a cosmetic effect. Atleast that's my opinion; as I mostly like DLC that have a functional reason to have them. Regards, Toonager
  11. I usually drive around in my Scania R type, I've driven Volvo before but like the looks of the scania more.
  12. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for handling reports all day
  13. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for being behind me :>
  14. Things of note from the SCS stream - ETS 2, June 2018

    Thank you for taking your time and noting this all down, it gives us somethings to look forward to aswell as it shows what SCS is busy with these days. I also liked your way of using the bold as a clear subject of the sentence following it.
  15. What do you use to record gameplay?

    I agree with Prxnlge, I use mirillis Action myself and it has near to no impact on my system. I've used OBS and Shadowplay before, and while theey get the job done; I found Action to be more reliable. Action can do regular recordings, but also has their 'Time shift' feature, basically what many people use Shadowplay for (record only what you need)