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  1. Toonager

    Can Someone explain this?

    Even if the player was still in the loading screen, the truck shouldn't pop up when ghost mode is already gone; as far as i know ghost most should start when the truck / car spawns into the map and not before that. Seeing that truck appear -> being hit -> going to a ghosted state; that's not how ghost mode is supposed to work, right? We need to take in mind that @Kewai99 [ITA] was able to pass through the truck afterwards, which would mean the truck is in ghost mode (thereby ghost mode can't have passed before the incident) Seeing this would make me think that the ghost mode might have activated after the truck had already spawned in (possible if the server has a rough moment and at that moment can't keep up with the tasks it has to do). This however is like any other post purely speculation. Regards, Toonager
  2. Toonager

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I use the right F2 mirror + the left mirror on my truck; On junctions i look left and right via the X and B on my controller then center via my right joystick (click function).
  3. Toonager

    How much of Europe do you think will be added to ets2

    Hello, I'm hoping the whole of Europe will be part of the map one day. We need to keep in mind though that the game is 6 years in age by now, so there's no guarantee. Regards, Toonager
  4. As long as your microphone doesn't pick up your pc audio, we shouldn't be able to hear your music on the CB
  5. Toonager

    ETS2 1.32 beta release? Ideas for the future of the trailers?

    I'm patiently waiting for 1.32 to be released, I like the idea of driving with friends and having the same trailers (same for companies); However i don't see the logo on trailer feature happening as that would mean the logo's need to be either in the client or hosted somewhere by TruckersMP and then loaded for every trailer that passes you with that logo.
  6. Toonager

    On Which road do you drive often?

    I'm all over the map, i take jobs from top to bottom, left to right and anything in between; I mostly drive where the high value cargo jobs send me. I do however sometimes take a detour via cd
  7. Toonager

    What radio do you tune into your truck?

    Most of the times i'm on TruckersMP, i'm in a call on Discord which makes having a radio on rather difficult. But when i'm not in a call i mostly listen to local radio stations
  8. Toonager

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    The only thing on this picture that could possibly get you in trouble if done in mp is being on an unreachable location (aka. being outside of the drivable map); Mind confirming whether this is correct? @Nataliia (edit: might be a bit off-topic)
  9. Toonager

    DLC parts on mp skoda

    I am aware that it is bannable, only checked after posting, but to be honest i would've expected it to be not allowed and that's why i posted it (as it's still better to prevent than to cure). Like stated on the original report, I didn't buy it / leave the store; the only thing i did was try to put them on there in the same way as we can put the police paint on there (same story, can preview, can't take it out)
  10. Toonager


    Most (practically all) mods are disable on TruckersMP for safety and integrity reasons. However, mods that don't need to be running to have effect - mods like save editors - do work but should be used within the rules. Any mod you need to add to your savegame and that needs to stay there to have effect, won't work on TruckerMP. Hope this helps, Toonager
  11. As per how to get a caravan with Virtual Speditor, you should just be able to select the caravan from the cargo list. The caravan was in the list after loading my mp save
  12. Toonager

    How many reports you guys have on the website?

    I'm currently sitting at 17 reports.
  13. I've heard you like cats?


    Here you have a picture of ours


  14. Toonager

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for being a Bomb. Please don't explode in my face wile i show the way out