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  1. Hauling some racing equipment with a Scania S730 with a few (:troll:) Mighty Griffin Parts :lol:



    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and truck :wub:

  2. Just came back from camping tour in sweden  ;)







    1. Gromm99


      we need to do this some day

  3. Like it?  (: 




    1. MHT_


      Nice! ^_^

  4. Is there currently no admin on EU2?


    At the (almost) famous junction at Duisburg to the D-C-Road a guy is blocking over 150 players for 20 mins now

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    2. MR_XY2


      Well i know you admins do it in your free time so i dont want to blame anyone...

      I was just wondering that  no admin showed there up until now today

    3. The Flying Yorkshireman

      The Flying Yorkshireman

      dont complain on here ull get warned 4 spam lool  ( waiting for warning ) lol



    4. MR_XY2


      Does it look like a complain to you?

      ever heard of something like freedom of speech?

      i was just leaving here my opinion/observations i made in the last minutes...

      the guy finally left on its own, though it was strange no admin showed up(i am not mad about it-i respect it that they also have a private life)


    Seems familiar to mee, its almost the same if i talk to @Gromm99 via discord or skype :D:P

    or what do you think @alexjj11 :troll:




  6. Enough internet for today :lol:



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    2. CrackPrewier
    3. Froncy
    4. MR_XY2


      Welli dont see anything that could trigger anyone ;) , its just a poor seagull which keeps my from going to sleep :'D


      @Gromm99 just because you have a perverts mind xD <3

  7. Thanks god they are working on fibre cable connections in my area :)


    1. MR_XY2


      ye i know very shitty internet :/

  8. Congrats for being SUPPORT now boi...



    [still wondering how much you paid them for accepting your application]



    1. Gromm99


      hahaha @M-S HAULING - est.2014 thanks i didn´t pay them anyting more then patience and hard work when i was trail support

    2. MR_XY2


      yea yea, thats what they all say and said...


      like those guys from the fifa where the fbi got them for corruption in 2015 xD

  9. Wondering how (and if) ppl like my custom Raven-DLC Paintjob in simple white'n'black... ^_^


    Here are the pictures :)


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    2. MR_XY2


      yea if you guys have the raven dlc... i dont like seeing trucks in stock colours because i dont have the paintjob, so i dont want this happen to too many ppl <_<

    3. CroTruck


      Looks good :)

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  10. So well I was searching yesterday and today for the pictures i took from the SOFTUF - convoy on Sunday (4th Feb)

    but somehow i couldn't find any of them (even if i took plenty of them) :angry:  - I'm sorry @Gromm99 :(


    Anyway :rolleyes: , I was able to recover one (quite cr*pful) photo from my recording ta the end (I may also upload my recording these days - might be funny) ;)


    So long story short, here's the picture of them blocking the exit from Swansea (GB) :)


    btw @xTH3xMoDsZx why didnt you ban them for blocking? at least @Gromm99 xD :P 

    [^^ for those who dont get it this is sarcasm ;) ]



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    2. Penguin


      We heard there was someone trying to come in with fish on board :P 

    3. MR_XY2


      well at least i was trying... gromm didn't let me go past so i've had to toucha gromm (not the spaghetti )

      it looked like this xD

      giphy.gif in the end i threw it to you when i finally catched up on you at swansea (I had a trailer full of it ;) )

    4. MR_XY2


      well steffen you lucky ba... somehow while rewieving the shots of my new paintjob on my truck i found the pictures of us you wanted from the truckefest at dover...



  11. Thank you for your follow :wub:


    Here, I got you some more fish *throws fish* (:

  12. @Penguin

    Well nice convoy you guys organised. -HUUUGE THANKS TO YOU GUYS-

    Is there already a next one planned (yea i know theres the real ops on the 11th)


    Btw: If you need any fish just let me know i will do my best ;)

    1. Gromm99


      you better give @Penguin his fish also i hope to see you on 11th

    2. MR_XY2


      well i will try to be there i hope i wont get any sppeding tickets on 11th xD

      because i am always slightly over the limit (like 2x the limit on highways) B)

    3. Penguin


      Thanks so much for coming! SOFTUF wasn't an official convoy, but SOFTUF is my gaming community, and we're 1 year old tomorrow :P

  13. hahaha thanks for the follow

    1. MR_XY2


      no problem boi;)

      just found out that i didnt follow you until now xD

    2. Gromm99


      hahaha you better follow a mate that is a staff XD

    3. MR_XY2


      Do you want to threaten me? :P 

  14. hey everyone!

    Here's my try to create a meme out of a funny situation on #EU2 today...




    plz dont blame me for the unfunny meme ;) i was really trying hard xD

    and i also wanted to blur the names of those players so they don't run into any trouble...

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    2. Gromm99


      @PrototypeGR the most front truck is me but im outside the photo

    3. MR_XY2


      well you were already at the calais-duisburg road, so off from the highway, you little liar <3

    4. Prototype
  15. Still wondering if they added the support for this painjob, does anyone know something about this? :unsure: