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  1. Hello, Please follow this solutions: Solution 1: Download Ultrasurf. Run Ultrasurf. Open TruckersMP in Administrator Mode. Install the available updates (only the first run with Ultrasurf), wait for it to finish and Launch button appears. Exit Ultrasurf Solution 2: In order to verify your game cache, go to your 'Library' and find 'Euro Truck Simulator 2'. Once you find it, 'Right Click' and go to the 'Properties ' tab. This will open up the properties tab. Go to the third sub-tab that says 'Local Files' where you will be presented with the fo
  2. Hello all you need to do is f7 or sleep.
  3. I agree to your suggestion. I would really like to see this added as would make it easier to report players.
  4. Hello, @Twitch.tv/Ktigris2 be patient they are working on it when it drops it drops
  5. I think this is a great feature for truckersmp. Thank you TruckersMP and SCS Software
  6. Congratulations 

  7. Hello, @Syln I would Recommend Scandinavia And Italy.
  8. Hello TruckersMP know all about the sounds are all messed up.
  9. I own all garages and Fully Upgraded.
  10. ETS is Scandinavia and ATS so far is washington.
  11. Congratulations

  12. I have 4 truck Volvo, the other is Scania on ETS. and on AST i have kw900 and Peterbilt 389.
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