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  1. KingModzv11

    Login Problem

    Hello @SilencedAdmin If you’re 100% sure about you’ve written the email address and password without any mistakes, please try the following: 1. First, open up a text editor of your choice (e.g. notepad, notepad++,...). 2. Then, write down the email address as well as the password. 3. After that, copy them (CTRL + C) one-by-one and paste in-game with using the CTRL + V combination. It’s very likely that you can log in without any issues now. If you're still facing the problem (this solution usually works!): If you're still facing the issue, you should try to delete the Steam_api.dll file as it might be corrupted. To do so, please follow these instructions: 1. First, head over to the installation folder of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or American Truck Simulator). If you don't know how to get to the installation folder of the game on Steam, read the instructions in the following spoiler: Reveal hidden contents 2. Once you’re in the folder where your game files are located in, please delete the folder called "bin". 3. After that, verify the game files. if that don't work do a support ticket https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets KingModzv11
  2. §2.5 - Reckless Driving ● Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe and that puts other players in danger, ● driving backwards, ignoring traffic lights and road signage, speeding, ● racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. ● Being outside of the map boundaries, this includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. ● Attempting to use desync lag or quick saves in order to cause damage to another user's vehicle is forbidden. ● Using the ghost mode feature to go around traffic jams. ● Even if you have the right-of-way you must make reasonable efforts to avoid all collisions. ● Even if someone else is in the wrong, you must take actions to avoid a collision.
  3. KingModzv11

    About the scout

    Hello, @Bronson13 He can drive the car but no police lights or he will be kick police is only for game Moderator.
  4. Congratulations to the Senior Community Moderation Manager

  5. Hello you can but don't drive triples in the C-D roads.
  6. KingModzv11

    ATS Funny Issues

    Well i'm sorry one day it is going to be fix.
  7. happy birthday

    1. legress


      Thank you a lot, my friend! <3