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    2. s0b1esk1_86


      Tonight I've organized the International Christmas Convoy at 19:00 UK Time and I need 2-3 Admins. Can you arrange something?Thank you in advance


      >>>> Welcome To The EuroTransBG International Christmas Convoy <<<<

      Time : 19:00 GMT
      Date : 16/12/18
      Meeting Point : Calais (Sea Port)
      End Destination : Oslo (Polaris Lines)
      Imgur Route : https://imgur.com/gallery/FXptKJI
      Discord : https://discord.gg/66vSNAe
      DLC Required: Scandinavia

    3. Emirhan kurt 29

      Emirhan kurt 29

      lorena yasaklandıı kardeşim s0b1esk1_86


    4. [D.G.T]Asierrayo[ES]
  1. Really the black friday is a day of discounts? or is it black fraud?, many companies have raised prices a month before, this way you do not have any type of discount, on the contrary you are paying more! Welcome to black fraud! avoid be fooled!

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    2. [D.G.T]Asierrayo[ES]


      Well but I bought the wheel, I will get it on december


    3. Falco [ITA]

      Falco [ITA]

      Lorena, you're right! I have a Chrome extension active called "Keepa" and it works beautifully. It tracks the price of the product you're viewing and it tells you how much it cost before discount. Some are really outrageous. Definitely recommended installing it. 

    4. Folatti


      The truth is usually the black friday usually for us is black fraud, but this was the only year that by the IBGE was the first time that the black friday had positive answers, but nonetheless had many companies that firmed the Black fraud.:D

  2. new video <3 


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    2. LoadBreeze


      Great job Lorena, outstanding admin !


      Keep it up.


      Thank you for sharing. :D

    3. CemDeDe52
  3. se te extrañara mucho <33 cuidate mucho fea!!

  4. 1448040187-sweet-good-morning-hd-wallpap

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    2. Emirhan kurt 29
    3. [D.G.T]Asierrayo[ES]


      [ES] Buenos días Lorena, te deseo un feliz día ^^


      [EN] Good morning Lorena, have a sweet day ;D

    4. Folatti


      Good Morning 

  5. New video here!!


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    2. Guest


      I'll watch this tonight. Should be lots of fun!

    3. Emirhan kurt 29
    4. Folatti
  6. New video [v1.32] 


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    2. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      nice video :wub:

    3. ELMiska


      Nice video good job.

    4. Folatti


      watch this video there on your channel and it's spectacular congratulations!!

  7. [COMUNIDAD ESPAÑOLA] -  He dedicido crear un nuevo subforum para que puedan publicar sus convoys de forma organizada, por favor limitese a cumplir con la plantilla oficial necesaria antes de publicar en dicho subforum llamado "Convoys" y por supuesto asegurate de tener todo organizado antes de hacer publico un convoy!

    Nuevo Sub-Foro:



    Plantilla necesaria:


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    2. RaduDaniel83


      Hello, i dont understand what you say!

    3. #BlueLivesMatter88


      @RaduDaniel83 this is what it say.. 

      Hello everyone! I have created this subforum called "Convoys" so that the Spanish language community can publish their convoys of their companies In this way together they can participate and be able to be more people in the convoys

    4. RaduDaniel83
  8. It's time to take a break and eat! :thisisfine:



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    2. [T.G.E][01] Lorena*

      [T.G.E][01] Lorena*

      :ph34r: new spy detected > @Rob1james, hahaha:lol:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      saw you parked there today while I was stuck in traffic :P:ph34r:



    4. Alis*


      hah, want to take a pic with you for my profile banner, was waiting till you come back too :D




  9. Good morning TMP!
    New video available on my YouTube channel!
    Calais-Duisburg > 5:00 AM

     Enjoy!! ^^

  10. ✦Recruiting for [T.G.E] open more info: https://discord.gg/5hGQZ4b

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    2. ScaniaFan89
    3. SupiUK


      @ScaniaFan89 Transporte Global Express.

    4. #BlueLivesMatter88


      what do you have to do to be able to join? 

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