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  1. No, you don't have to stop, but keep in mind, that if you crash into someone it's your fault and you will be punished.
  2. You can adjust your braking intensity in game settings.
  3. Well, traffic rules says that you cannot enter junction if you cannot exit it, so situation like this won't happen. I don't know if you could get banned for this (I don't think so), I think that kick is way to go in situation like this. So next time please wait at traffic lights even if it's green for you, if you see that you cannot leave the junction.
  4. Hi, it should be in this path :{Drive letter}\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\{Game name}. You can get it, when you go to your steam library, right click on ATS -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files
  5. Alis*


    When you try to continue your job from singleplayer in MP there is time difference and that's the reason why your time won't match. Also if you leave in the middle of your job (like you take job in MP, leave for few hours and than try to continue), the time won't stop since time always "goes by" in multiplayer and that's the reason why you will have 0 time remaining when you connect after some period of time... Hope you understand
  6. You cannot use almost any mod in multiplayer... I suggest you to read this : Basically only allowed changes are allowed via save editing in singleplayer and than to use that truck / profile in MP... You cannot use sound mods, graphics mods (only SweetFX & Reshade) map mods and many others....
  7. Same here, GTX 960 4gb... I don't see any reason to update anytime soon... For games I play (csgo, ets, lol) it's just enough
  8. You can use almost any lossless image upload service for example : https://imgbb.com/, https://imgbox.com/ and many more, you just have to google them...
  9. If you have nVidia graphics card that supports nVidia Freestyle, I can only recommend to use that instead of sweetfx or reshade. You get basically the same results but with almost none FPS loss
  10. Hmm, pretty stange, never experienced this problem before. maybe you can try to change your auto update settings:
  11. Congratulations to our new Summer Race Championship winner - @Mr-IceRaged


    I'm sad that I didn't have chance to race against you due to my crash in semi-finals :(

    1. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      thank you! yeah i would really love to have you in the finals :( just bounce back and grind for the next event and you will be the next champion for sure!

  12. I don't need AI to tell me when to turn left for C-D road !
  13. Hi please try to verify integrity of your game files. You can do so by following these steps : Documents folder won't be there if you haven't started your game for the first time. It auto-generates on the first startup of the game. If this won't help please post the error message which you get...
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