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  1. Alis*


    I used to play it, I think that I didn't turn it on for year
  2. Alis*

    /flip command

    Suggestion Name: add /flip command Suggestion Description: whenever you flip your truck or car, you will be able to write /flip, and your truck or car will flip back to wheels Any example images: ----- Why should it be added?: When you somehow manage to flip your car or truck to roof or side, you are trapped and you cannot continue...
  3. Alis*

    Car/Truck stops itself?

    My dualshock 3 controller is a bit broken, and when i press right joy bit harder, every button activates while I'm holding it. So maybe it's a hardware malfunction...
  4. Alis*

    truckers mp forum username

    Try to logout and login back. If it won't help, you have to wait for the fix.
  5. Alis*

    Unsuported game verison

    Hope this will help...
  6. Alis*

    PC question

    In most laptops, you cannot replace graphics card or processor, what is your laptop model ? Based on your components I think it's old, so I would rather suggest you to buy second hand laptop or new one... But you can get some really cheap Alienware 15 R2's or R3 if you know where to look... I have one also, and It's awesome (R2) 60 fps+ on highest graphics settings...
  7. How to stay calm ? Always record, and then just report him
  8. Alis*

    TMP Game Stutter / Freeze

    Idk man, I think that if it has something to do with launcher more people would be experiencing this kind of problem... Maybe you just pressed "express install" in nvidia driver setup, I would really suggest you to clean install your gpu driver... I had exactly same issue and It just dissapeared when I reinstalled my graphics driver... You can also look for bios, cpu, ... driver updates
  9. Alis*

    TMP Game Stutter / Freeze

    I think it has something to do with nvidia drivers... I have gtx 960 and I've experienced exactly same issues in CSGO and few other games. My GPU usage would randomly drop to 0 % for like minute and during that time I had like 4 fps... Now it's fine for me as it doesn't happen anymore. Maybe you can try to clean install your graphics driver.
  10. Hello, make sure to set you steam privacy settings to public : Than please go to your truckersmp account settings and check DLCs Also make sure you have enabled Scandinavia DLC: (make sure that little box is checked) Your profile should look like this when you set your privacy settings right (if you don't see games tab, than please recheck your privacy settings):
  11. Alis*

    Favourite mods in ETS2?

    I tried to upload all files from my game directory you can try this, and put it into your /win_x64/86 https://mega.nz/#F!fQ5D0IBB!ycQlzxF1C9_JX3AINuZ9fA + this is nice guide: +sample from my gameplay:
  12. Alis*

    Favourite mods in ETS2?

    ReShade + SweetFX, 750hp engine in every truck...
  13. Alis*

    Changing Forum username

    There are already few topics where people's name on forum didn't change... I don't think that there's more you can do other than create support ticket... Maybe you can try tips from topics above..
  14. Alis*

    Moderator Applications/Forum account.

    You must have a forum account when you created this topic... But you need your forum account to be one month old to be able to apply for Game Moderator.. Quote from requirements... Your forum account is about a half hour old, so you won't be able to apply for this position...
  15. Alis*

    Name on the servers.

    Same for me, I have already created support ticket, I think that you should too... But make sure to try to log-out and log-in back on forum, maybe it will help. Also you can try different browsers as It was suggested to me by supporter...