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  1. Alis*

    Can you suggest me some decent VPN desktop programs

    Hello, I use FinchVPN, it's really cheap and the best plan costs only 1 € per week, so it's really inexpensive. You can also use free plan (monthly quota of 5GB I think). ibVPN is also good provider, but I like Finch more, because of price...
  2. Alis*

    Multiple rookie queries

    -Special transport DLC isn't and will probably never be supported, because of over-sized dimensions of trailers which would cause chaos on roads, they are meant to be used with escort vehicles and so on... -Answer already given (ETS2SYNC), also if you all have same perks unlocked, you will have higher probability to get same jobs. -Currently heaviest cargo you can get in-game is from Heavy Cargo DLC "Concrete Beams 51tons". However there are two more trailers from this DLC, but server will kick you if you try to use them "Locomotive 61t or Dozer Crawl 39 t" devs are working on fixing this bug. You can use 3rd party programs to edit cargo weight like this Click -Yeah all trucks and cars are now limited to 150 km/h. In past there wasn't this limit and you could get up to 175 km/h with good gearbox and engine and 230+ with car...
  3. Alis*

    help me

    Hello, please read this topic If you were banned in past 12 months, you cannot apply for GM position. You must have no ban on your record in past 12 months...
  4. Alis*

    Winter Mod Not Working In Multiplayer

    Make sure to put files into documents/ETS2MP/mod . Not into normal documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod...
  5. Alis*

    Winter Mod

    What error do you get ? Also make sure to put downloaded file documents/ETS2MP/mod (if you dont have mod folder, create one). Make sure not to rename your downloaded files... To check if your files aren't corrupted:
  6. Alis*

    NO HCT jobs

    The best solution is to buy your own HCT trailer...
  7. Alis*

    Bug with Scout

    It never happened for me that little bump just rocket launched me from 90 to 140 in real life ... This is bug and i hope it will be fixed soon.
  8. Alis*

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    114 reports in total, maybe 5 declined...
  9. Alis*

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Nothing is bad with current system, first 3 bans are at admin decision (1-7 days mostly) that's not much, if that isn't enough, longer bans have to be used... I haven't caused an accident in more than a half year so don't tell me it's impossible. If you are bad trucker go play singeplayer and learn there, no reason for players like that to cause 5 accidents per day... If you cannot control your truck, you have to carry consequences...
  10. Alis*


    Make sure you didn't break any rules.. Maybe you created too many useless reports or you violated any other rule, so your access to report system has been suspended. make sure to read this: §1.4 - Reporting users
  11. Alis*

    Problem with TruckersMP

    Hi, TruckersMP just released a new update, so now it supports newest version, set "None opt out of all beta programs".
  12. Alis*

    Is going slow on the C-D road considered blocking?

    If you cannot drive on C-D with constant speed at least 80 km/h, the best solution is to avoid this road I think... I have never had any problem to make it through any of curves on this road at 80/90 km/h even with 30t trailer... If you have a car, you can make it even when you are going 150 km/h into most of the curves on C-D, but that's waay dangerous and I DON'T recommend you to try it when you have problems going 80 with car... There's absolutely no reason to go 40 km/h with car, that's just waay to slow and you are blocking traffic when going at such a slow speed ...
  13. Alis*

    What games do you play?

    League of Legends...
  14. Haven't seen any vehicle IRL yet...
  15. Alis*

    About the 24th convoy

    I didn't really like it, i was somewhere behind middle. Was there for like 30 mins, but 20 mins from those I wasn't even moving, so I decided to disconnect... In the city it was terrible, I had around 15 fps, so It was playable for me, but I can imagine that many players had around 2-3 fps, and they were not even able to move so they were just blocking and ...