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Hot Topic #26: Genoa Bridge Event


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Hey Truckers!

Welcome to the 26th edition of the Hot Topic series here on our forums!

The last 1 and a half week, SCS Software has been running their World of Trucks Event for the Genoa Bridge repair.

Have you participated in this event? And how many loads have you delivered?

Discuss this all below in this edition of Hot Topic...

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tfmpillow | Support

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I've done a little, which you can find here.


It's an interesting event, and I've never took part in anything quite like it before. It's quirky, but it's actually quite a bit of fun.


It's also interesting typing +traffic into the bot and finding that Calais and Duisburg aren't the busiest places anymore. It's been quite the gamechanger for the flow of trucks in and around the Simulation servers.


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I did 12 jobs in total because I wanted to give others a chance to complete their personal goal before the community goal was reached ?
Most of my jobs were done in the SGP server due to my location, but I did take a stab at sim 1 & 2 just for the experience. It was quite interesting as there was a diverse amount of people with quite contrasting personalities, to say the least ?

I would like to point out a nice experience in the SGP server though, where I met another Asian VTC who invited me to drive along with them and do a couple of event loads. They were too kind- imo, these types of experiences show quite a different, contrasting colour of TMP than the usual "CD Idiots on the road" that gets super saturated these days ?

But overall, it was fun! I'm enjoying the new paintjob ?

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Sadly I had to deliver all of my personal goal jobs in single player, as the update from TMP was uncertain at the time. It was still fun because I got to enjoy the new update with the FMOD integration. I thought of doing the jobs again once TMP got its support for 1.37, but the traffic at the place threw me off of the idea. I would definitely have done more if it had multiplayer support from the very beginning, so for me it was just the 12 loads that I had to complete for the personal goal. 

I personally enjoyed the event, hope you all did too!

Looking forward to more community events from SCS. ??


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