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why when I go 90 km/h and my friend 90 km/h and he overtakes me?


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Guest [JET BLUE] - Lionel

It depends for a lot of things, it can be for lag, ping, your computer is baddest than his computer, the amount of player nearby, étc.

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The reason he catches up with you can be partly if you're heavi enough to make your truck slower, and the truck doesn't have a load will do that he catches up with you more quickly, another reason is for the Ms or Ping that you have when you are in the Mp which can generate that you have some small delays and he can reach you and as a last possibility is that of the different accelerations, since comparing a Scout for example v/s a truck will be different for obvious reasons such as size, weight and motors and how the mechanics of these are made.

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It's purely due to your computer specs, your game may be running slower therefore other players with higher end computers will have the FPS advantage over you. To rectify this you could always try turning your graphics down and this should help


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