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  1. WELL DONE! Got to say that is some mileage there. I could not imagine doing that without losing my mind but I will have to give it ago. Great Post.
  2. Personally I love it, it is very modern and easy to find category's.
  3. I believe it is drivers attitude & skill more than the speed if people want to go faster they should know that there risk of crashing increases and it should be common sense to then slow down and junctions and corners. Personally I like the new speed limit as it feels more realistic. Kind Regards
  4. ISSUE Resolved. Issue was VTLOG. Kind Regards
  5. Thank you very much. I will go ahead and use that link now.
  6. Hello. I did state that I am aware its not a truckersMP issue and I have verified my game already as well as reinstalled the game however when it crashes there is no crash information that comes up on my screen.
  7. Thank you for your help. I have not tried this yet but it has been noted.
  8. Hello. Thanks for your help however the only mods I had was promods to which I deleted from my files. Kind Regards
  9. Hello Guys. I have looked at multiple reports of crashes for ets and ats but can not find a solution to why my game crashes. When I load ETS2 and try to load onto the profile page where you select a profile it crashes and i go back to my desktop. If someone has had this issue and knows how to fix it please give me some advise on how. I am aware that this is not a truckersmp crash issue Thank you
  10. IM BACK!!

    After a long break I am back, a little while ago I had to take a break from truckersmp and ets because of real life activity's that was coming up however now I am settled in im sure people will see me a lot more on the roads of TMP.

    1. JamesS014


      Welcome back!

  11. Thank you for your comment. yeah that is very understandable, Interesting indeed, hackers could may well be a problem. SouthernLad
  12. Most likely from weight of cargo however this could also be internet connection SouthernLad
  13. I prefer the Scania however if im looking for speed i will go for the Volvo
  14. Some people i believe think its funny to come on and ruin other peoples fun for there entertainment and so they go round ramming people and from what i have seen some take it to the extent of using a mod to ram through people so they do go pretty far. SouthernLad
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