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  1. Thank you for your comment. yeah that is very understandable, Interesting indeed, hackers could may well be a problem. SouthernLad
  2. Most likely from weight of cargo however this could also be internet connection SouthernLad
  3. I prefer the Scania however if im looking for speed i will go for the Volvo
  4. Some people i believe think its funny to come on and ruin other peoples fun for there entertainment and so they go round ramming people and from what i have seen some take it to the extent of using a mod to ram through people so they do go pretty far. SouthernLad
  5. Yes indeed and this is why i did think about maybe scs would think about making a new game if they ever came up with this as they would not bring it into ETS2 as people love it the way it is SouthernLad Kind Regards
  6. Lovely answer, and completely agree thank you
  7. Hello All. Have you ever wondered about when a truck crashes in game and thought how cool it would be if there was visible dents, scratches and damage to the truck well what i would like to know is if you think this would be such a cool feature or would be annoying and i would also like to know if you believe this would be possible in the future and how you think it would be implemented if so. I personally believe this is something that would be very difficult to do in general but even more harder in multiplayer due to i believe the trucks would need some sort of server sync of the damage to see it and this could be very difficult however if there was a ets3 to be made maybe they would focus on that in early stages with a multiplayer. You could also say theres no need for a new ets as the ets2 community is so good. Lets see what you come up with. Kind Regards SouthernLad
  8. I do see where your coming from with damage however this could easily be seen as the insurance of trucks has covered it but then it would depend on the situation and would be very complicated in game aha but i would like to imagine some things sometimes that would be pretty cool. Yeah i also found this out when starting up a new profile and hope it is going well for you. SouthernLad
  9. Hello there. That is very useful to know as i did come across the tolls last night and saw that it was not taking my money but i didn't know about fuel so that is very useful and i believe ets have done a good job at making that realistic. SouthernLad
  10. I myself like a good old drive with other people on TruckersMP however i am more a person to go along with a friend at a non scheduled time however i have been in VTC's and also enjoy the entertainment just as much. If i was to say would i suggest joining a VTC? i would say that if you are looking to become part of a group that you will be able to interact with all types of people then go ahead however if you already have friends that are actively playing it is just as fun to ride in your own sort of trucks to put them to the test. Kind Regards SouthernLad
  11. Hello All. So me and @Raymond_ have taken the time to start new profiles and start trying to earn some money to get a personal truck however what i came across is that when you do quick jobs the trucks fuel is only suited to go the same distance as the job and maybe 200km more and it got me thinking that maybe if there was more fuel this would be more friendly for new players to explore a little bit. There is a lot of what ifs and well you could do this but i would like to see what people say to this Kind Regards SouthernLad
  12. Hello guys. Just thought i would give shoutout to truckersmp and everyone that has came this far, its coming up to 5 years soon since i signed up on truckersmp and its been such a good experience so far and i cant wait to see what else is to come.

    About me: i am a very motivated person and i strive to help as many people as possible, i also like to socialize with other truckers, i am always up for a chat so if you would like to talk some point don't hesitate to text me.

    Kind Regards

  13. I use a Logitech G27 Steering wheel with then gear stick and paddles that it comes with however it is starting to die on me and so i am going to be looking for a new one soon. Southern Lad
  14. Lovely stuff mate this should come in handy to many people and i think it would be very useful for people that are not to confident on the roads. SouthernLad
  15. Sadly i do not believe it will work due to the fact when having the paddles they are only 2 buttons however with a gear shifter each gear you put it in it detects as a new button so there is 6 gears so six buttons so the reason why i say this wont work is because the paddles are only two buttons and are meant for going up and down gears so i do not believe this will work however you can try the other options like semi automatic, one of the other options allows you to switch up and down gears so this may be what your looking for, if you would like me to look more into this i would be more then happy too. Kind Regards SouthernLad
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