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  1. What does Veteran V mean on users profiles here?
  2. You can do both but for me i usually do hoot as its more effective beacuse in most cases the other driver will hoot back at me
  3. I have a similar thing too. sometime am at 110 km/hr then a player over takes me and i wonder
  4. If players get accustomed to this rule . A few will try this attempt because they will have understood the consequences
  5. You report the player and a bigger punishment will be applied You report the player and a bigger punishment will be applied it at all its supported in the rule sections These players can be dealt with with bigger punishments i think. Its still ramming a player.
  6. But we need rules to be followed everywhere on the map or your suggesting every region on the map should have there own rules applied. what can happen in the real world if you did that i took it into consideration because both games are simulators They get a longer ban if at all rules support this kind of behavior
  7. Lets discuss whether a player should be auto kicked from the tmp servers for crossing a red light in both Euro truck simulator 2 and American truck simulator games. When you vote Yes (You agree to be auto kicked from the tmp server) No (You disagree to be auto kicked from the tmp server)
  8. This is the thing again as i earlier commented . I quote this as the only solution we need from TMP team.
  9. I strongly agree the staff to remove the speed limit. Reasons: I used to do long haul Jobs before the staff changed the speed limit to 110km/hr now i don't drive them anymore as they take lots my time to haul. The servers are always more crowded around CD roads and near towns,this is the most common place for accidents. But if more drivers are more scarce then we shouldn't worry about very many accidents in these regions The staff can also create more speed limiters around roads like CD road to reduce on accidents the way they added the limits in cities and leave the highways to drive at 150km/h
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