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Winter mod is now available!


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1 minute ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

I wonder how many will read that & think " ooooooo, does this mean i can now add mods another way " PLEASE DON'T YOU WILL CRASH EVERYONE AROUND YOU! 


You cannot use any other modification in this way. Also content of winter mod cannot be changed.

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Just now, Glada_Laxen said:

Yea, these links are not working :/ Says that the website cannot be reached, or it just sits and loads forever. Was only able to download frosty_physics_7_01.scs but not the other two

Haven't even been able to get that far - I click through the download links, past the dodgy pop ups, and then it just won't download anything :(

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Can't even download the mods, is it going to be re-uplaoded elsewhere? How come it's not through the launcher?



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Just now, micwini said:

I have the Frosty mod installed in Documents/ETS2MP/mod  but it still doesn't show up in mod manager. I did the exact same in the single player folder and it did work there. What is wrong here?

No! You don't have to activate it in mod manager! You just start the game and connect to server!

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