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  1. Kinda like your idea. use the smart signs and warn about that speedbumps also. Display 70 km/h - (also add a no overtake-sign there too) Had a idea about a toll-based road, pay to drive, have to slow down to enter and exit areas. A toll-booth, 2-lane per travel direction. Use the outer ones to direct with bollards to gas-station, something like this picture maybe:
  2. oder einfach den CB Wechseln, habe auf dem Kanal 9 nie probleme mit den ausländischen Mitmenschen, jedoch einige Deutsche die Brüllen, Memes oder Musik abspielen... Es ist halt wie im Chat; Ignorieren oder blockieren
  3. 1) Most of these comments are stupid, like in CS "Cyka rush b". A chat will never be toxic-free. Most of the users who rammed into me said instantly "rec" - THEY DROVE INTO ME. 2) I have to disconnect to play in a civilized-manner? Never. A guy has been following me for 4 full days. It's not my responsbility to avoid the follower. 3) Wrong: Imagine some bad computers who can't record, this means you're screwed always?! 3.5) Thats why a videoclip should not be a "15 second" clip. The clip must have context to it. 4) True in RL aswell in TMP, some don't obey rules. The trained report-moderators make his/her decision based on that evidence. Most of the time you can't get banned because you did something that is an kick worth (natually some have records on their accounts and based on that...) IF the occupant "tricks" to ram me and rammed behind me, there is your context. We talk about a lot about what-if's. Long story short: This idea dosn't add a value to tmp, neither helps it
  4. I get the message but the way to handle this is very wrong. Like Nina_Cortex2922 and I said: Not everybody *CAN* spend extra money on something. Imagine yourself in this situation: You drive on Sim#1, some guys drive multiple times intentionally into you (and follow you to grief) and nobody gonna web-report them because it costs. You can't spend a extra dime to do the web-report... Whats the end of the story? Long story short: You are upset / sad because you can't report this invidual because it costs money (that you don't have) and have to deal with them ingame.. Even if someone reports "3rd party to an incident" thing , TMP has rules. And if I can't record or haven't a video, why not to ask someone? IF all players would obey the rules, the report-system shouldn't be loaded at all.
  5. Imagine some users don't have an extra 1 EUR to pay to make a report. So these users would have live with the griefing / harrasing "players"? I'll get your point but this is like "The Englishman" said a stupid idea.
  6. Suggestion Name: Systemchange to help all players (and avoid griefers) Suggestion Description: Dear folks, many of these "griefers" and "lag-causing" individuals haven't even activated their account... So they for the easiest way to get rid of them and/or reduce the load on the report-systems is to let only activated users on the server. (For example, an unactivated account can only join arcade mode; if the account is activated, gain access to Simulator) If the access limit isn't an option, there are a few greater options below: Reasonable compromise (maybe add a "trail" previlege to these unactivated users, so they can't grief:) • Speed limiter to 80 km/h (safe speed; external contracts can do max. 90 km/h!) • can haul only one single trailer • don't have access to the Škoda / Car (a lot of people can't drive these things correctly!) Bonus for activating the TMP-account • Speed limiter to 90 km/h • can haul double trailer • access to the bus-feature If player had a minimum of 100 game hours (I could imagine this is a reasonable value), they would gain access to: • Speed limiter max (110 km/h) • can haul HCT trailer • Access to Škoda (Car) Special additional request / patron feature • And maybe add some extra trucks or cars for patrons (like transporter, 7,5-ton truck, and maybe (a few of the best rated released) cars on TMP) • some new fancy ai wheels? (tuning for Škoda) • lower cooldown to commands (it's annoying to wait 10 minutes as patron) and use commands without trailer I truly like contesting roads, random events and the stupidity from some users, BUT the amount of griefers is too high... and the in-game report-system seems always to be full, even on the website, you have to wait 14 days / 2 weeks until something happens. This may be a way to reduce the load on the current in-game team and keep the players happiness up by activate their accounts properly and give some "rights" to "older" accounts to stop griefers. What thoughts do you have about this? Any example images: <no images> Why it should be added: This may be a way to reduce the load on the current in-game team and keep the players happiness up.
  7. What about the not working horns?
  8. Doğum günün kutlu olsun. İnşallah mutlu huzurlu sağlıklı yıllar geçirirsin güzel kardeşim 🥳❤️🧸

  9. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  10. To be clear - THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY (see picture) Its tested and worked fine for me. Make absolutely sure that you have closed TruckerMP (Launcher) and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Otherwise restart your computer, verify that all files are in the correct directory. For example my directory looks like this: C:\Users\Kaan\Documents\ETS2MP\mod You should have a similar directory (besides the Username, huh).
  11. Dude I got unbanned so you may be unbanned too along with everyone else involved in this mess. I think they're actually giving people another chance. They even put @ banbymistake on my appeal xD

    1. K4XN


      I saw it like two minutes ago and I checked it. Its a clearly unban - thanks god





      i also had a rant about it:thisisfine:

  12. I wish I could help you... but unfortunately I can't get In-Game.
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