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  1. I already drive with my parking lights on. Driving with full lights on all the time is terribly annoying to myself but especially other road users. Also, The sun sets around 6-8 I forget. Lights should go on when visibility without them is less than with them. 4 PM still has full sunlight
  2. Lbs207

    Sound Mods

    That is correct, Although the only one out there, Got boring very quickly. Thanks
  3. Lbs207

    Sound Mods

    I doubt there will ever will be one that works any time soon.
  4. Lbs207

    Sound Mods

    Thing is, I already did. Last year.
  5. Lbs207

    Sound Mods

    Since the in game truck sounds discourage me from playing at all. And also since suggestions take Literally 4 years (Not joking) Is there any way to get a single sound mod on Multiplayer that is actually any good. (That plug-in thing makes it worse)
  6. Lbs207

    Multiplayer VR

    Name: Multiplayer VR Description: Add VR Support for Multiplayer. (If this is not possible, Then suggestion will be to start researching how to get it to work.) Images: None because I assume most people know what a VR is. Why?: Other people have wondered if this is possible before but got shut down. As some May stay that it shouldn’t be added because most peoples computers cannot handle VR, What about the ones who can. If we wish to torture myself with motion sickness why stop us? Also, There’s more content opportunities for YouTubers if this is added. Some May say “If we change it to support VR, Everybody must be in the current VR Version” Well here’s the solution: Add a button above or below the button to launch ETS2/ATS MP. Said button will be a VR Button which supports current VR Versions, And since game says it crashed when you try to launch it for VR. It will just say that if you try to launch the normal one if you are in the VR Version. Button launches ets2 and allows you to join only 1 server. OR It can allow you to join EU2, But you will just not be able to see any newly added stuff that got added in the latest version. Please read this. Don’t just skip through. Take this into consideration. Since there’s already stuff being worked on, It’s understandable that this might take a few years. Thank you.
  7. Name: Lights on Description: Lights on starts at 16:00 and ends at like 10:00 Images: No Why: if you have something knocking chat and cannot see it clearly, You suddenly get kicked for not having lights on in the bloody afternoon. Not even night time . The sun isn’t even going down. And lights on continues after the sun has already risen.
  8. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    Control panel says I need to install control panel through GeForce Experience which is literally not possible. Just going to reinstall my game at this point. If the lag continues I’m going to put it back on my smaller but faster C drive and put ATS into the bigger but slower D drive because I don’t really play it.
  9. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    Last time I did a clean install the issue started so I think I’m going to go ahead and install the control panel again and the normal drivers. Thanks for putting this idea in my head!
  10. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    Oh! Got you! I’ll try that if that’s the last resort! I’ll try this overnight. WiFi so bad it takes a couple hours just to download this.
  11. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what the window is. Or how to reinstall it
  12. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    I installed the latest driver which was Nvidia GeForce Experience because apparently the other drivers aren’t actually wanting to install and it jus told me to download GeForce Experience. Which I did a clean install and it got rid of my other Nvidia driver which wasn’t GeForce Experience and was outdated. It also didn’t open its control panel. Then ETS2 stopped working. I’ll try probably Sunday to download the driver that it got rid of and see what happens!
  13. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    Desktop, i7-8700k + Nvidia RTX 2080 I hope this helps.
  14. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    Everything is perfectly fine. I’m running the settings what my computer should be easily handling. Except it’s not. Easily handing as in 60 FPS amazing graphics. Example: Fernbus. Maxed settings at 60 FPS. No matter what I do in ETS2 it just will not work. I’m wondering if there’s any console command to fix or if I should just completely reinstall the game.
  15. Lbs207

    Black Screen.

    Well i still have a ton of lag but now in multiplayer. Turning settings down won’t help.
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