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6 hours ago, novice said:

-Fixed physics (weight, braking, tipping etc) 
-Fixed automatic transmission 
-Re-colourable pilot paint 
-Visible towbar 
-Single pilot beacon 
-Pilot LEDs 
-Re-colourable wheels 
-Caravan mirrors (independent of normal mirrors) 
-Partial cabin accessory DLC support (hookups + dashboard set only) 
-Fixed floor on ATS interior 
-Removal of UK interiors from ATS


We are going to draw an autokick area on the map, patience please :P

is possible to do a "map" with this "not allowed areas"?

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10 hours ago, DeNiroTeDiro said:

Im really hyped for this update :) only problem i got is unsupported version, eventho i set to the latest one on steam, it asks me for and i have

help would be appreciated :)

I have the same problem bro

. Have no idea how to fix. 

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Wasn't expecting this so fast!


HUGE thank you to the devs on this release! 

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2 minutes ago, [YKN-U] Croupier said:

Não funciona 

Ез имени-1.png


Right-click the mouse and click "Run as Administrator"

Be happy!

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