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  1. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    UPDATE 2.3.6: Added Event trailers support
  2. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Fixed Thank you!
  3. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    No, you have to put mod into Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder and apply it in Single player first. You can check detailed instruction on our Discord server https://discord.gg/Ha2NQTG
  4. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    UPDATE 2.3.2: Profile Settings: - you can set your default DLC layout which will always apply to your mods; - preferred language will apply to your profile until you choose one in modal; Fixed issue when user logged in with social network could not change password; Refresh dropdowns with chassis/accessories/paints data: - DLC short names is now separate from chassis name and tooltipped; - Replaced large NO MP SUPPORT sign by separate small icon; Fix error when no title had been set; All accessories and all paints are now ordered by chassis and def; Reorganized assets structure; Bugfixes and some improvements; Updated translations. As always, you can access the site here: https://generator.volvovtc.com/ Visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV
  5. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Hey) Thanks for your feedback. Fixed now!
  6. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    UPDATE 2.2.9: - added missing company name - added next gen Scania trucks cargo for Truck transporter - fix skin name if all paintable chassis and custom def - added Discord server https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV - added Georgian translation (thanks to @[TAL CEO] BlackSkill) - updated translations
  7. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    No, this is only for freight market trailers
  8. грац братишка
    терпения в этом деле

    1. [EVOQUE] Mayday

      [EVOQUE] Mayday

      Спасибо большое)

  9. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    UPDATE V2.2.0 is live now! You can access this tool here: https://generator.volvovtc.com/ Here is changelog: Support ETS2 1.33 version New trailers (Brick, Flat bed/Container, Curtainsider HCT) Support DLC Beyond The Baltic Sea (ETS2) Support DLC Special Transport (ATS) (not supported by TruckersMP) Mods section (some non-trailer mods for MP such as 750hp, etc.) Caravan fix won't crash game anymore Removed weight section Some style tweaks Improved files transliteration A lot of fixes and small improvements Thank you guys for your support! P.S. If you have an issue or suggestion, please contact me directly or write in this topic asap.
  10. [EVOQUE] Mayday

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Sure, just waiting for Baltic DLC, so, I guess, 1.33 support will be released in 1-2 days.