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  1. Happy Birthday!😍

    1. [EVOQUE] Mayday

      [EVOQUE] Mayday

      Thank you mate ❤️

  2. UPDATE 3.1: 1) 1.35 support for both games - added gooseneck trailers (ETS2 and ATS) - added logging trailers (ETS2) - updated Krone trailers (ETS2) - updated Schwarzmuller trailers (ETS2) - added B-double and Turnpike trailers (ATS) - added truck transporter and Lowboy for boat (ATS) - added Chipvan trailers (ATS) 2) DLC Forest Machinery support and trailers (ATS) 3) Removed ETRC event trailers (ETS2) 4) Added game version capability to generating mods 5) Improved translation system 6) Removed Truck Paint Generator 7) Fixed some styles (responsive layout) 8) Updated translations 9) Back-end code improvements 10) A LOT of small fixes and improvements Link: https://mods-generator.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV Translations: http://mods-generator.oneskyapp.com/
  3. UPDATE 3.0: Site has been moved to new domain https://mods-generator.com/ , old domain will work till 20 May and will automatically redirect to the new one. Added ownable trailers - visit trailer dealer and buy generated trailer! - supports colorable paint jobs; - supports wheels customizing; - unfortunately, cargo will disappear after you start customizing trailer Added extra chassis types: - HCT are now available; - Flatbeds are become ownable variants which supports paint jobs; Refresh design - inspired by Material design v2: - User section and site settings moved to the top bar Added Nynorsk language (thanks to Sawdaw) Updated translations. Tons of small improvements and bugfixes. In case of any questions feel free to ask here or in the Discord server: https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV
  4. UPDATE 2.3.6: Added Event trailers support
  5. No, you have to put mod into Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder and apply it in Single player first. You can check detailed instruction on our Discord server https://discord.gg/Ha2NQTG
  6. UPDATE 2.3.2: Profile Settings: - you can set your default DLC layout which will always apply to your mods; - preferred language will apply to your profile until you choose one in modal; Fixed issue when user logged in with social network could not change password; Refresh dropdowns with chassis/accessories/paints data: - DLC short names is now separate from chassis name and tooltipped; - Replaced large NO MP SUPPORT sign by separate small icon; Fix error when no title had been set; All accessories and all paints are now ordered by chassis and def; Reorganized assets structure; Bugfixes and some improvements; Updated translations. As always, you can access the site here: https://generator.volvovtc.com/ Visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV
  7. Hey) Thanks for your feedback. Fixed now!
  8. UPDATE 2.2.9: - added missing company name - added next gen Scania trucks cargo for Truck transporter - fix skin name if all paintable chassis and custom def - added Discord server https://discord.gg/JtQkAAV - added Georgian translation (thanks to @[TAL CEO] BlackSkill) - updated translations
  9. No, this is only for freight market trailers
  10. грац братишка
    терпения в этом деле

    1. [EVOQUE] Mayday

      [EVOQUE] Mayday

      Спасибо большое)

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