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  1. I am fully aware that the usual solution is to open the profile in single player and change the cab. However, this is just not possible when using VTC.World. Is there any plan to fix this issue in an upcoming TMP release?
  2. People who troll deliberately don't care if a ban is 1 day or if it's permanent, they just come back with a new account 2 hours later, because the report system is so overwhelmed that they know they can troll for another 10 days before they get banned again. Rinse and repeat. The only way to stop the trolls is to reduce the time it takes to have reports handled. All that road to simulation has accomplished is to divide the community even further than it was before.
  3. This is all irrelevant, ineffective posturing unless you take on enough moderators to deal with reports in a timely manner. A 2 week ban doesn't matter to a troll if it takes you 10 days to deal with reports. Even 2 days is too long when they can be back on with a new account in 2 hours. As it stands right now, your report systems, both in-game and on-site, are so overwhelmed that they are functionally irrelevant. The only way you will ever make a dent in the amount of trolling going on is to get website reports handled consistently within 24 hours, and impr
  4. You can't even play at the moment anyway, you're banned for the next 11 days
  5. You're more than welcome to go away and make your own multiplayer mod, seeing as how you think it's easy.
  6. Hey, look, I'm famous



  7. You could say it again in full sentences, with punctuation and grammar, so that we can understand what you're saying...
  8. It has absolutely nothing to do with my internet service provider, and there is absolutely nothing in that screenshot to suggest it. Please don't just make things up if you don't have a clue.
  9. So, the mod was updated for the latest ATS version, but I get this error when connecting. Thing is, I absolutely do own all of the DLC I use... I assume it's because of the Volvo one?
  10. Hello! happy Birthday :)

  11. This is why you should make a copy of your ETS2 program directory when you have a supported version. I was back up and running jobs less than a minute after the update dropped.
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