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  1. Okay, check it now. v8.02 is officially realesed
  2. Just Look How They are glitching Real life physics with unrealistic behaviour: I have No clue why are You still replying in this thread.
  3. Yeah, playing game is Bug abusing. Shaking truck when idle too I can’t wait for your video XD
  4. I just told You to show what’s wrong with new version of physics. I didn’t play on it. Make a yt video and post it here. Great Logic there, buddy.
  5. Sounds „great” Show everyone what’s wrong with it
  6. I just wanna show some bugs of this physics but now It's deleted and author realesed fix for this. Grimes is looking for more people to test it: https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/frosty-winter-weather-mod/ We are all waiting when he officially realese it
  7. As I told, you are all ignoring the facts or don't even play on 2018 winter mod. Replying is waste of time. When AUTHOR of this Winter Mod on his OFFICIAL website told players to test new fixed physics you are all talking trash about deleted and bugged physics in this topic. Show me your experience, driving 50 km/h on bugged physics is experience for you? Of course I do those maneuvers on purpose to show what is wrong with it. And please kids, don't try to teach me how to drive on snow conditions. That's ridiculous
  8. As you wish, there you go: Cruise control, 90 km/h Who are you to give me any right to speak on public forum about bugged physics? Admins and Winter Mod creator know about it and that's why it's deleted. We all need to test new version of the mod and Grimes will realese it.
  9. Ohh, even with video evidence you all ignoring the facts. Very hard case As I said thank god they removed this bugged physics.
  10. Around 1min in video above, 2775 km/h so it's way more than 300 km/h Great, do some research firstly or test truck behaviour on the road. I'm playing since May 2014, Alpha haha but it's offtopic. Grimes made fix for this physics but waiting for people to test it: https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/frosty-winter-weather-mod/ Look the comment section.
  11. Waste of time discuss with players like you. You don't know what's wrong with it and don't even try to do some research. 1 year on TMP and you think it's realistic physics?
  12. I can't belive how blind are people like you. Thank god admins deleted this physics. Physics was completly broken and unrealistic. It's not fun having 0 control when you spinning 300 km/h + or trying to do some slides on empty places. We are waiting for official fix and then admins will add it to TMP.
  13. You know What drift is? On frosty v8.0 You cant drift
  14. Physics like in Frosty Winter v8.0 should never be added to MP. Totally unrealistic behaviour of trucks. Thank you for removing this. I read that are you waiting for fixed physics to add it again ? EDIT: Take a look at the last comment in comment section: https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/frosty-winter-weather-mod/ We need it to be officially realesed
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