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  1. Jiggie

    Which Truck Should Come In 2019?

    Obviously Renault Range T anf of course new Ford truck, I hope it will be realesed this year
  2. Jiggie

    What will be the first Map DLC in 2019?

    I hope it will be my Balkan . I would like to see that DLC and buy it immediately
  3. Jiggie

    Winter mod is now available!

    Thanks for this, it looks nice. I was waiting for this all year
  4. Jiggie

    Ford F-Max

    It is same Volvo, his real copy, but it is okay. It looks nice, so i'd like to see it in the game.
  5. Jiggie

    TruckersMP holidays

    Happy holidays and have a good time
  6. Bio je pre i Mirkec admin - @Mirko9
  7. @BlackEagleTMP Cestitam, jos neko nas da bude u administraciji, samo jako
  8. Jiggie Released

    Yaaas yhank you for update, I like it
  9. Bracatenga srecno, javi se da bacimo neki djir ako budes hteo ^_^:tmp:

  10. Jiggie

    [BD] Pitanja i pomoć - Support Topic

    @Cvelee313 ides na profil > edit profil > Location, stavis sta hoces
  11. Jiggie

    [BD] Pitanja i pomoć - Support Topic

    Pozdrav @Cvelee313 Na ovom linku mozes videti listu svih mogucih DLC-ova u ETS2: https://store.steampowered.com/dlc/227300/ Takodje, sto se tice levela, moras redovno praviti backup svog profila na flash, eksterni hard disk i slicno.
  12. Jiggie

    Germany: Updated Roads in 1.32 BETA

    Thanks for this information, this is verry nice. Only problem is that I need to explore again Germany
  13. Jiggie

    [SCS Blog] Update 1.32 Appetizer: Trailer Ownership

    I am so happy for seeing this, this is verry amasing and interesting. It's gonna be verry fun to driving.Lit.
  14. Jiggie

    A new member in the Upper-Staff

    Congratulations, I hope you will be good at your job