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  1. TruckersMP changed my perspective on life, since I was kid, I was always interested in cars. Thanks to TMP, i fall in love with trucks and trucking, so I want to become a truck driver in real life
  2. Congratulations to all winners!
  3. I have done all 10 jobs in about 2 days. Yes, I was annoyed by traffic and stuff like that, but it was nice Btw, can someone explain to me how to get 5 different destinations to receive other stuff? I tried everything but it was useless.
  4. Thanks for update, we understand situation
  5. I used to, now only winter mod without physics
  6. Obviously Renault Range T anf of course new Ford truck, I hope it will be realesed this year
  7. I hope it will be my Balkan . I would like to see that DLC and buy it immediately
  8. Thanks for this, it looks nice. I was waiting for this all year
  9. Jiggie

    Ford F-Max

    It is same Volvo, his real copy, but it is okay. It looks nice, so i'd like to see it in the game.
  10. Happy holidays and have a good time
  11. @BlackEagleTMP Cestitam, jos neko nas da bude u administraciji, samo jako
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