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  1. Most of time DAF XF 105, because i have DLC for him and then truck is verry beautiful, so i prefer him.
  2. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    I think most of accidents are maked by kids who just bought the game and don't care about other players in game who want to drive carefully and safely.
  3. Picture of the Month: June [Winners]

    COngrats to winners, nice pictures!
  4. Serbian Paint job

    Suggestion Name: Serbian Paint jobs on trucks Suggestion Description: Currently there is no Serbian paint job in the game, there are Slovakia and Romanian, but there is not Serbian. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: Support for the Serbian community of TMP.
  5. TruckersMP Summer Giveaway 2018

    Good luck, nice rewards
  6. Srecan rodjendan bratko, sve najbolje i najlepse :D

  7. Invisible object

    They are turned off.
  8. Happy Birthday mwl4!

    Happy Birthday, best wishes!
  9. Volvo(New) vs Scania(New)

    Volvo for speed and his look, one of the most beautiful trucks.
  10. friend cant create account

    Make your (his) steam profile public if it is not or check this topic. I hope I helped you
  11. Best trucks and why

    DAF XF 105 and 106 beacuse thay are very beautiful and have very powerful engine sound
  12. I think that need to be dark, same as dark theme
  13. How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I have only one F2 mirror (right), but lately i'm trying to drive without both mirrors, it is more realistic and leveling your driver skills . And in cabin to look around i'm using num-pad numbers, sometimes mouse.
  14. New Police design (Europe)

    It looks very powerful and nice