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On 9/25/2018 at 2:18 AM, mwl4 said:


New version has been released.


  • Support for American Truck Simulator v.  1.32.3s [849fce20714f]
  • Support for Euro Truck Simulator v. [f1851bcb0a48]
  • Support for Krone DLC (replacement models are loaded in case of lack of DLC package)
  • Reworked Scout car
  • Double trailers are now allowed in entire europe, except middle europe (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg)
  • Support for all the paint job DLCs released to this day

Hello I have a question I'm playing in the game and he saves me every time or He lets the game in again

when I'm driving in the game, it's completely stuck here.

or he is going to reload to his when you start a game say what can that being I have already reinstalled the game I have reinstalled the multiplayer what can it be

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@Rapso12 select "NONE"

  • HaulieLove 1

                                          76561198158535149.png                                                                                                                              ➡  My WoTr.                       

                                                                            Renault Premium: 500.000km 

                                                                            Renault Magnum: 257.500km   ▶





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