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  1. Nectix

    LKW oder PKW?

    Definitiv LKW, aber der PKW ist eine gute Erweiterung und macht echt Spaß.
  2. Nectix


    Ich switche momentan zwischen dem Skoda und meinem Scania S.
  3. Nectix


    Welchen Truck fahrt ihr so momentan?
  4. As I've watched a stream from a game mod, simple answer: yes. In-game reports are just too much for the current amount of game mods. Sadly. But I bet the staff will work on a solution and fix this.
  5. As I already asked, did you try to switch the server? For example try EU5 or EU3. Also: Try to repair your game files via Steam. -> Right click on the game, Updates, Verfiy games files.
  6. Nectix

    ETS2 and OBS

    Hey, what is your exact problem? Are you not able to get a scene or does your OBS crash.. etc. Please be more specific.
  7. Hey, did you already tried another server? Is your router software up 2 date (maybe there was a hotfix)? Are your drivers up 2 date? Try turning of your internet connection by plugging out the power for 10 seconds, then put it back in.
  8. Thanks to @GoknOz for cleaning up the Duisburg road. :)

  9. I really like this new system. Keep it up!
  10. Banned because 270 posts but only 269 positive reputations.
  11. Hey, actually this should be fixed? I had this at the first 1.32 update (TMP Update), then they did a small patch, probably a hotfix. After this litte patch, it was fixed for me. Could you make a screenshot of your gameplay settings, please?
  12. Nectix

    black screen

    Did you try setting your game to windowed mode? If this still happens after doing this, please tell me.
  13. Hi, wirte /pinfo in the chat with the following: player nummer, the system will show you the ID afterwards.
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