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  1. I had this bug at the first TMP 1.32 update. Afterwards there was a small patch and it fixed this issue for me. Maybe it's because of your ingame settings.
  2. Actually I think the Skoda should be enough for a truck game. And as the others said, the time for developing this would take a big amount of time. I personally like the current state.
  3. Nectix

    LKW oder PKW?

    Definitiv LKW, aber der PKW ist eine gute Erweiterung und macht echt Spaß.
  4. Nectix


    Ich switche momentan zwischen dem Skoda und meinem Scania S.
  5. Nectix

    Winter Mod

    I remember the last winter in TMP, it was really fun. Hopefully this year gonna be good aswell!
  6. Hey, can you tell me on which server you're playing?
  7. For a simulator it is a really good game. I enjoy playing it.
  8. Nectix


    Welchen Truck fahrt ihr so momentan?
  9. Nectix


    Remember this game is about trucks and not about cars. And as the others already said, the skoda is made by TMP.
  10. Nectix


    Wait for the weekend, people everywhere.
  11. Both look good, but I'd take the Scania.
  12. I prefer normal trailers. Although doubles are fun.
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