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  1. Thank You for the follow. See You on the road! Drive Carefully! Winter already came : - ]

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      You're welcome. See you on roads ;) 

  2. [PL] SweetDream

    I can not play online

    Hey, Downgrade to the previous version or wait for update. Here is the example how to downgrade to the previous version:
  3. [PL] SweetDream

    Brak tekstur na niektórych ciężarówkach

    Cześć, To nie jest blad gry, po prostu rzeczy ktorych nie widzisz, tak jak napisales jest to m.in "grill", sa takie rzeczy jak naczepy itp. tak to wyglada: Brak DLC DAF: https://scr.hu/L2MKXzy Brak DLC Krone: https://scr.hu/djr82DX Po zakupie DLC np DAF oraz KRONE, bedziesz widzial bez problemow, takze tekstury beda w 100% dostepne i widoczne. Pozdrawiam
  4. Congratulations! See You again on the road ;)

    1. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      Thank you!
      Happy trucking :)

    2. [PL] SweetDream

      [PL] SweetDream

      1.33v multiplayer is available to play! Have Fun & Drive Safety! 

  5. [PL] SweetDream

    DLC vs NONE (this shouldnt look like that)

    Hey, Suggestion Name: Back-Lights - trailers from dlc Suggestion Description: Im so suprised how people are seeing others people when they doesnt have bought DLC Schwarzmuller or Krone (or others). Then.. it looks so horrible.. and its not safety when ure driving at midnight, in my opinion this should be fixed and we should normal see the lights on the back trailer. What do You think about it? Any example images: NONE (DLC) - https://scr.hu/djr82DX - https://scr.hu/L2MKXzy DLC - https://scr.hu/j7AR51v - https://scr.hu/djr84q7 Why should it be added?: Reason is very simple, to reduce incidents on the road (especially at midnight) and get better visibility of person whos driving infront of us, by this we have much more time to make faster reaction, for example; if that person is infront of us, and have to quick brake.. then we can stop behind him without any crash (or just reduce situations like this on the road) - Lights 24/7 (for example: Poland) ~ Safety on the road is the highest priority.
  6. [PL] SweetDream Released

    We have to wait for #TMP Staff for update to the newest version ( or downgrade to the [if thats possible], be patient.
  7. [PL] SweetDream

    Best DLC in ETS2

    Hey, Most of ppl says that their favourites maps/dlc are; Scandinavia & Italy. In my point of view, Scandinavia is on the first place then Viva le France, why? - Beautiful places, - hidden roads (i wanna see in upcoming DLC Map like "Beyond the Baltic Sea", roads like in Scandinavia, it rlly makes players happier) - nice landroads I cant remind much more, but we need more hidden roads and landroads (road looking like road on c/d but with beautiful places)
  8. [PL] SweetDream

    [SCS Blog] Krone Trailer Pack

    Same! Thank You SCS for GIVE-AWAY! "DLC Krone" & 1.32 in same day! Now we are waiting for #TMP update. PS. Ofc for new map DLC too That was huge GIVE-AWAY (10K copies), Thank You one more time!
  9. [PL] SweetDream

    The Last Post Wins!

    Viva Trucking!
  10. [PL] SweetDream

    [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    Only God know, who should get this gift! Good Luck ))
  11. [PL] SweetDream

    [SCS Blog] ATS and ETS2 Update 1.31 Out Now!

    I cant wait when it will be already to download on steam. I hope issues will be resolved as fast as this is possible, the same with update to tmp. See You on the roads & Have fun on updated game! (drive safety!) : - ) _________________________________ | ____| | Dreamer Logistic |___|_____ |_o_o_______________________o_o__o__|