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Mike Dragon

Summer Event - ATS Grand Prix Round Up

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As promised on Sunday, here's some screenshots of the event and a video. Since this part of the event wasn't streamed, most of it could not be seen by the community, so here's a small sample of what went on for your enjoyment. :) Sadly, there was a lot of footage I had to leave out of the video. With some random clips from some crashes and two or three full races (including the final race), the video had already gotten much longer than I initially had intended. :( 


Thank @Digital for organizing this awesome weekend of activities!


Hundreds of eager truckers await for a chance to prove their might and show their skills on the roads of California. Though only some randomly selected few would get such chance.



The start line of the San Francisco course in one of the qualifying rounds.



The finish line of the San Francisco course, right after the racers crossed the line.



Some racers after an exciting run as the sun rises.



Game Moderators and Event Team members gather together to prepare the course for the next set of races after the qualifying rounds were over.




A somewhat precarious finish line, as seen from below. DON'T JUMP!!! D:



All set to begin one of the races that would decide who gets to compete in the final round!



More organization for another course that will filter out who would advance to the next stage and who wouldn't.




And here we have the star line for the semi-final race. Only three out of the five competitors would get to run in the final, afterwards!



Time to set up for another course, this time... The final!



All ready to begin the final race. The lucky pilots who, through skill, managed to get this far will now face each other. The best of the bunch, ready to find out who was the best among the best! Though only one of them would be declared the winner at the end, in a way, they all were winners for getting that far. So congratulations to all of them!



After the race was over, we all gathered for a little photoshoot. So here we have the racers.






And here we have the staff!









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Guest sikstar

thanks mate for the video, good driving fellas.

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