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Add FAQ button to the help section


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Description: Simply add an FAQ button to the help section on a prominent position right next to the "Ask a question" button.

Optional: Overhhaul the FAQ section by adding or linking some guides. E. g. use search function & read the FAQ before posting. Answers will be closed after a certain period of inactivity by the OP author. Common solutions to common problems.



Short version: It would take off some load from the moderation team and provide quicker answers to some of the questions.


Long version: I am still new and exploring the different areas of the forums. What I noticed is, that if you enter the help section you have the possibility to directly ask a question without seeing the solutions. I also skimmed through the open questions and through the solutions section and noticed, that some of the open questions are already answered by some of the solution posts or on other posts in the forums.




A great starting thread for the FAQ would be this one: 



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Thank you for your suggestion!

We will not bring forward this idea. Reasons for it are that on Support there is already an announcement fixed that sends you to a quick remember for Tickets. The texts can be edited to bring people to more frequently asked questions before anything. The button can be enabled on our Forum, but since we already work with different tools, we will stick to it since it's more profitable. 


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