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  1. slowlori

    Where are cars allowed?

    Thanks for the quick and precise answer. Marked as resolved, can be closed.
  2. slowlori

    Where are cars allowed?

    I was wondering on which servers cars are actually allowed. I know that they are prohibited on EU1/EU3 and allowed on EU2. What about the other servers? I don´t want to risk a ban so I thought I´d ask first. Thanks in advance!
  3. slowlori

    Inform Truck Drivers of Cars (skoda) approaching

    For me the fun in multiplayer lies in encountering other real players around, be it people I drive with in convoys or general traffic. I already set up my mirrors as well as the distance to draw objects in the tab menu to the max setting to get the best render distance possible. Having an alarm triggered by cars would just distract me. Besides I saw both good and bad truck drivers as well as good and bad car drivers. Also there are servers without cars and with speed limits and both so if cars don´t fit your playstyle you have the choice to switch servers.
  4. slowlori


    I will write in german since the OP author might not understand english. Was du noch versuchen kannst, was bei einem Freund von mir der auch mit einem günstigeren Lenkrad fährt geholfen hat: Deinstalliere mal das Gerät mitsamt den Treibern und lasse es von Windows neu erkennen. Unter Umständen gibt es einen nativen Windows Treiber der dann auch im MP funktioniert. Ansonsten erstelle dir mal testhalber ein neues Profil in ETS und konfiguriere das Lenkrad neu. Manchmal hilft das auch. Wenn das klappt, kann ich dir weiterhelfen, um dein aktuelles Profil gangbar zu machen. Lass es uns wissen, ob es geklappt hat.
  5. slowlori

    Road Rule penalties

    Although I generally agree with meaningful rules I think this would be an overkill. Bear in mind that we are on an MP server, where there is no AI traffic. Now just by looking at the nav computer you could easily overtake a heavy hauler when it´s safe despite of double lines. Besides we already have rules for that: Incorrect way, inapproriate overtaking, ramming, reckless driving including speeding all apply if you cross double lines without caring for traffic. One rule that especially inludes double lines is this one: "While Driving in TruckersMP, users are required to follow the traffic laws of the respective country." In my opinion most of the players don´t mind if someone crosses double lines as long as they do it in a safe manner.
  6. Great guide, I like it. Just a side note: I found it to be useful to fill up your truck in your garages or in unpopulated areas if you have the opportunity. This is very handy on occasions where you expect heavy traffic on route such as on the road from Bergen to Oslo or the DC connection.