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  1. Qualidade do tempo iguais para todos

    I like the current system as it is. I personally prefer driving in the sun, others might love driving through the rain. Currently everyone has the choice to do as they wish. Maybe if weather sync was optional I would give it an upvote. As for now -1 since it might involve work for the programmers and with the current system you have more choices. For those who don´t speak spanish: The OP suggested to sync rain so that it rains for everyone if it rains.
  2. Where are cars allowed?

    Thanks for the quick and precise answer. Marked as resolved, can be closed.
  3. Where are cars allowed?

    I was wondering on which servers cars are actually allowed. I know that they are prohibited on EU1/EU3 and allowed on EU2. What about the other servers? I don´t want to risk a ban so I thought I´d ask first. Thanks in advance!
  4. Inform Truck Drivers of Cars (skoda) approaching

    For me the fun in multiplayer lies in encountering other real players around, be it people I drive with in convoys or general traffic. I already set up my mirrors as well as the distance to draw objects in the tab menu to the max setting to get the best render distance possible. Having an alarm triggered by cars would just distract me. Besides I saw both good and bad truck drivers as well as good and bad car drivers. Also there are servers without cars and with speed limits and both so if cars don´t fit your playstyle you have the choice to switch servers.

    I will write in german since the OP author might not understand english. Was du noch versuchen kannst, was bei einem Freund von mir der auch mit einem günstigeren Lenkrad fährt geholfen hat: Deinstalliere mal das Gerät mitsamt den Treibern und lasse es von Windows neu erkennen. Unter Umständen gibt es einen nativen Windows Treiber der dann auch im MP funktioniert. Ansonsten erstelle dir mal testhalber ein neues Profil in ETS und konfiguriere das Lenkrad neu. Manchmal hilft das auch. Wenn das klappt, kann ich dir weiterhelfen, um dein aktuelles Profil gangbar zu machen. Lass es uns wissen, ob es geklappt hat.
  6. Road Rule penalties

    Although I generally agree with meaningful rules I think this would be an overkill. Bear in mind that we are on an MP server, where there is no AI traffic. Now just by looking at the nav computer you could easily overtake a heavy hauler when it´s safe despite of double lines. Besides we already have rules for that: Incorrect way, inapproriate overtaking, ramming, reckless driving including speeding all apply if you cross double lines without caring for traffic. One rule that especially inludes double lines is this one: "While Driving in TruckersMP, users are required to follow the traffic laws of the respective country." In my opinion most of the players don´t mind if someone crosses double lines as long as they do it in a safe manner.
  7. Description: Simply add an FAQ button to the help section on a prominent position right next to the "Ask a question" button. Optional: Overhhaul the FAQ section by adding or linking some guides. E. g. use search function & read the FAQ before posting. Answers will be closed after a certain period of inactivity by the OP author. Common solutions to common problems. Reason: Short version: It would take off some load from the moderation team and provide quicker answers to some of the questions. Long version: I am still new and exploring the different areas of the forums. What I noticed is, that if you enter the help section you have the possibility to directly ask a question without seeing the solutions. I also skimmed through the open questions and through the solutions section and noticed, that some of the open questions are already answered by some of the solution posts or on other posts in the forums. Example/Screenshot: A great starting thread for the FAQ would be this one:
  8. In- Game Convoy System

    I like the idea. It would help to overcome the language barrier on creation. I love ad hoc convoys built with some chitchat over CB or the MP chat but the suggested system would enrich the game and give players yet another goal to pursue. Some thoughts: Maybe the OP author can follow the suggestion format and go a bit more into detail with his/her idea. Who would be able to create convoys? Would there be a limitation to the max size of a convoy? Would there be some unwritten rules or guidelines, e. g. don´t overtake in a convoy, slowest driver on pole position, what to do when someone has to stop/refuel etc. I have encountered a couple of players who were new to the game and tried to join our convois. I noticed that those players don´t have the possibility right now to play with friends and thus are very thankful and enjoy the convoy experience (instead of driving around on their own maybe in a car without a destination). Thus +1 from me.
  9. Hayran thanks for your contribution. I just had another idea due to your input. Not sure how much work it would be. Still I think a test regardless whether videos, tutorials or any other form, should be optional. One way of incentive would be to unlock features in the TAB menu or restrict the optional player tags or the tag colors to players that have passed the test. Or maybe add a special character like a star or something to the player tag. Something to consider is that tags might lead to prejudice, one way or the other. Players who have passed the test might still be bad drivers and vice versa.
  10. The general idea is great. However from my experience there are several types of drivers. Theese are just some examples without any claim to completeness: There are drivers that are eager to follow traffic rules and inform themselves about specific rules in each country. They might stop at each red light and stop sign even though no other players are around. Then there are players who generally just want to play but don´t know all the signs and rules, maybe because they are too young, maybe because they don´t have a drivers licens or maybe just because they are foreigners in the country they are driving in. They still might want to learn the rules but their primary goal is to play the game. There also are some drivers who want to have fun for themselves but don´t think about the consequences for others. They might overtake you with high speed with a double just because they can but then you see them again in the next corner or crossing crashed into the crash barrier. Let´s not talk about the intentional trolls, you can´t educate them with a driving test (imho). Now since as already mentioned we are talking about a game, I don´t think that a mandatory driving test would be necessary or appropriate. Just one scenario as an example: Your friend wants to play with you on MP, you never did it before. Your friend is waiting for you to get multiplayer ready but you still have to do this driving test. Well I guess most people would look up the solution just to speed things up. TLDR: From my experience most people are banned for ramming, inappropriate overtaking, wrong way, reckless driving in general. Most of them have to learn it the hard way by being banned. There is a principle in psychology called teachable moments. When you feel the pain you are much more receptive for lessons. My conclusion is that maybe an optional video tutorial on youtube on how to drive proactively and safely including traffic signs, merging into traffic on junctions and overtaking (maybe also the MP rules) would be more appropriate. As for an incentive I would hide some key words in the video and add the possibility to cut down ban time if you appeal your ban and answer with the correct passphrase obtained by watching the videos. You still could look up the answers but you would reach players who are actually interested in rules and traffic signs and some of those who were recently banned and want to avoid future bans. A tutorial, video based or on the forums, might be much easier to set up than a driving test. P.S.: There are lots of great tutorials on the forums aswell for those interested e.g. for safe overtaking and being overtaken or the one for US signs and rules.
  11. Great guide, I like it. Just a side note: I found it to be useful to fill up your truck in your garages or in unpopulated areas if you have the opportunity. This is very handy on occasions where you expect heavy traffic on route such as on the road from Bergen to Oslo or the DC connection.
  12. Another Server like EU2

    The only reason I would agree with a new EU2 is because if EU2 gets full chances are higher that you encounter trolls on the other servers. Still I think another EU2 wouldn´t solve that problem but only milden the symptoms with the side effect of more work for MP staff and higher costs.
  13. dlc paint jobs view correctly

    I don´t really care about paintjobs but what I noticed is that with the DAF DLC if someone has DLC backlights on their truck I can´t see the lights when it is nighttime ingame. I hope that SCS somehow comes around with a solution so you can see DLC content but my expectations are low.
  14. I want to suggest to add a link to the mod guidelines under §2.17 Excessive Save Editing in the rules for multiplayer. Why add it? It would make it easier for players to find the guidelines and they specify the requirements for allowed mods much more detailed and are already referenced in the according paragraph.