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TruckersMP Traffic - Traffic for TruckersMP

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@Krashnz it's possibile to have api for this?

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14 hours ago, DTML said:

It would be interesting to make a heat map in real time. :)

And save traffic statistics. This would give an opportunity change time to find out when the most intensive traffic is and where.

You can already display a heat map in ETS2Map. Go to settings and uncheck the 'Hide Heatmap' checkbox.
I plan on doing something like that soon where you have a little graph of the average for each hour of the week. 


11 hours ago, dowmeister said:

@Krashnz it's possibile to have api for this?

I'll think about it. I'm prioritizing getting new features like different servers and stuff done first but it might be something I look into in the future.

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ETS2MapKrashnzTruckersMP Traffic 

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it really nice how it work :) good job ... but i got a question ??? is that possible to change the Timezone ??? ( let me explain )


actually it show : 9:05 am in-game time( wich timezone that is ? )  ....    but it 00:00AM in UTC and in my home 20:00PM


if that is possible, it could be awesome :) 

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