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Red Blinkers on the car in ATS

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I don't play ATS, but that requires to go through the scs file of the mod to change the script and also remember that it wont just be 1 car mod, that be two because they would have different scripts then. Which then will increase the download time of the ATSMP Launcher. Also the developers would also have to do the same thing they did to the normal scout cars to the newer scout car which is permissions.




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A lot of vehicles here in the United States do have amber blinkers, as there are vehicles with red colored blinkers.


Per USA regulations (as far as I know), the front blinkers are required to be amber, but the rear blinkers can be red or amber and can also serve a double function as stop indicators as well.


I say keep the yellow blinkers. It's easier to see, it's the norm with most vehicles around where I live, and it's the way it is right now (and it's not worth changing in my opinion).

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