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  1. I love traffic. The useless traffic rule is very annoying. I got kicked for it by some Welsh guy after he passed us because we said stuff in chat. I have proof of it, all we did was say "hi" and "he is from wales too" and we got kicked. You can deem anyone as useless traffic, we had trailers and everything. There is no useless traffic, just let people play the game.
  2. it should be removed. i already hate it on eu2, but its impossible to crash into people on accident on an empty server. plz remove speed limiter in ATS.
  3. even when i leave this game on my monitor and go do stuff on second monitor i still manage ot miss the message if its night time...+1 for this
  4. my bad, this was bumped by this guy
  5. Harpreet

    Europe 4 no lights

    never played EU4 but if there's no collision there's no such thing as ghost driving lol +1
  6. I don't get it, why? I live in the US and my family's vehicles all have orange signals.
  7. -1 just play a different server if you hate cars
  8. I don't understand what you're trying to say
  9. You must play with a keyboard or something. I drive the Skoda daily and it only starts to get really unstable around 120mph I don't like this, -1.
  10. transmission in this video is nice. i use sequential but i swear the automatic in this car is a slushbox in game. +1
  11. the inside sounds are decent, kinda sound like a truck but eh its whatever, would be cool if they could change it though the sound from the outside i agree man its so bad +1
  12. -1 I love this road. As said before by others, there are other routes that are safer and probably better (highway routes). But this twisty road with all its traffic and accidents is what makes it special, and that's why people drive on it.
  13. I've never seen this but yeah I'd like this
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