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  1. The Boeing 757-200 in this picture is actually a photo I took and I two-toned it.
  2. @3D Waffle If you can believe it, Chicago had a blizzard a couple of days ago! Some places were pretty bad with whiteout conditions. Then again, we have one of the strangest weather patterns ever and the snow did already melt. But yes, it might be time to get rid of the snow and let the grass blossom. Even a snow-lover like me misses the greenery at times!
  3. I don't agree with a speed limiter set on the car. Fast or not fast, a car can be dangerous even when it isn't moving. Setting a speed limit isn't exactly going to solve the problem of reckless drivers, and takes away the liberty offered in driving. Not a lot of people are going to be happy finding the car that is supposed to be fairly quick no longer able to go at a certain speed. The larger problem is most likely education (as mentioned before). I don't think some of the drivers (especially reckless ones) on TruckersMP have no real-world driving experience and it's really easy to be fooled by how fast and unstable your vehicle is in ETS2 or ATS. The requirement of having a few hours in singleplayer before signing-on probably is one-way to fix this (and prevent spam registrations), but I believe it really does absolutely nothing to weed out poor drivers.
  4. It wouldn't hurt to have a speedometer that reads in MPH in the Scout. Personally, I don't like having the GPS popup window while driving, so I truly do glance at the speedometer to know how fast I'm driving.
  5. I think there is sort of a solution already for what you're suggesting be implemented. https://ets2map.com/ does have a heat map of traffic. It's under Settings>Hide Heatmap. Looking on the GPS screen and in-game map as well, you could gauge traffic levels based on the number of blue dots and where it is concentrated. I don't know if this is worth pursuing based on the workarounds above and the potential difficulty.
  6. The mouse for the tab menu is indeed a little buggy at times. I don't know if there's an easy solution, though. The self-disabling feature suggested isn't too bad. I'm not too bothered (yet) about going back and getting out of tab menu mouse mode.
  7. If someone is talking on the CB radio, the username should popup in the upper left corner in white while they are talking. On a side note, if you want to know if your mic is broadcasting, there should be a white speaker icon in the bottom right corner that appears while the mic is open. The username popup for people speaking shouldn't be too hard to find, but it took me a while before I noticed how I could see if my mic was open with that white speaker icon since it is quite small.
  8. I think this is a pretty good idea. Sometimes the ping temporarily goes way up and you can get kicked. I don't know how difficult it would be to implement this, but it would save having to stop and restarting ETS2 to reconnect to the servers. If you're in a convoy, that's a pretty big hassle and wastes other trucker's time, which isn't very nice (but they should be understanding! ). Possibly just temporarily making the name appear as [GHOST] would be a solution. Making the truck transparent would most likely be much too difficult, so I think that is a viable solution for communicating to other players the truck is in ghost mode.
  9. It's definitely time for the special paint jobs for the Skoda to be updated. I'm on board with this suggestion. It's cleaner and more modern.
  10. I think this is a pretty solid idea. It would help me decide whether to be defensive and get ready to swerve out of the way when on the rural roads with oncoming traffic or someone is passing me on the highways. Of course, it's bound to be abused in some way by some people, but no new feature comes without its faults.
  11. A lot of vehicles here in the United States do have amber blinkers, as there are vehicles with red colored blinkers. Per USA regulations (as far as I know), the front blinkers are required to be amber, but the rear blinkers can be red or amber and can also serve a double function as stop indicators as well. I say keep the yellow blinkers. It's easier to see, it's the norm with most vehicles around where I live, and it's the way it is right now (and it's not worth changing in my opinion).
  12. It doesn't really matter if it's a truck or a car that's driving on the Duisburg-Calais route. Both categories have their own bad apples. The Skoda is definitely harder to control at high speeds compared to the trucks. In addition, they accelerate much faster than trucks. Therefore, although you can get into an accident with trucks anyway, that is a possible reason why so many accidents tend to be with cars To ban a specific set of traffic seems to be a useless strain on resources to parse the traffic and constantly scan a certain area and kicking users. In addition, simply picking out a different routing or logging onto a less busy server would solve the issue. I see the purpose in this request, but I don't think it's worthwhile to pursue.
  13. This is definitely a good modification to make for the Skoda car. The current automatic transmission is pretty bad for a car and shifts too much like a truck. I've never driven this specific car (either manual or automatic) in real life, but the automatics of various years don't perform as poorly as the one currently in the Skoda.
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