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Radio Stream URL's

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Being able to play radio stations in ETS and ATS gives a great atmosphere to the game. Well here you go a great amount of URL's to radio streams. 


Community Radios


TruckersFM : http://radio.truckers.fm/stream  TruckersFM|Community|EN|0|1

Truck Sim Radio : http://radio.trucksimradio.com:8002/stream.mp3  Truck Sim Radio|Community|EN|0|1



Rock Radios

Spoiler  Radio Nova|Rock|IRL|0|1

http://wxpnhi.streamguys.com/xpnhi   WXPNHI Radio|Rock|EN|0|1  Star FM Berlin |Rock |DE |128|1

http://music.newnormalrock.com/   New Normal Rock|Rock |0|1

http://streaming.radio.co/s80a4bc54c/listen  The Rock |Rock |0|1

http://tunein.com/radio/Star-FM-Nürnberg-1078-s75755/  Star FM Nurnberg |Rock |0|1

http://tunein.com/radio/181FM-Rock-181-s90436/  181.FM Rock |Rock |0|1

http://rfcmedia2.streamguys1.com/thirdrock.mp3  Third Rock Radio |Rock |0|1

http://live.leanstream.co/CFPLFM-MP3?tunein  FM 96|Rock|0|1

http://13723.live.streamtheworld.com/KTWNFM_SC   Go 96.3 |Rock |0|1



Mixed Radio

Spoiler  FM104|Mixed|IRL|0|1  98FM|Mixed|IRL|0|1  Spin1038|Mixed|IRL|0|1



Charts/Hits Radios



House/EDM Radios



MashUp/Remixes Radios



ChipsTunes Radios


http://friends-of-radius.ethz.ch/kohina.mp3  Kohina|ChipTune|N/A|0|1

http://stream.chipbit.net:8000/live  ChipBit |Chiptune|EN|0|1  WeBDex 8bit radio |Chiptune |RU|0|1



Talk/News Radios


Country Radio


http://listen.181fm.com/181-highway_128k.mp3?noPreRoll=true  181.FM Highway 181|Country |US|0|1  Classic Country 1630|Country |US|0|1

http://strm112.1.fm/ccountry_mobile_mp3  1.FM Classic Country|Country |CHE|0|1



Blues Radios


http://gr02.cdnstream.com:8500/  GotRadio Bit O Blues|Blues |US|0|1

http://epsilon.shoutca.st:8479/live  BLUES FM|Blues |US|0|1



Jazz Radios


http://icy1.abacast.com/kplu-jazz24aac-64  Jazz24 |Jazz |UK |0|1

http://main.streamthejazzgroove.com/  TheJazzGroove.com |Jazz |US|0|1

http://tsfjazz.ice.infomaniak.ch:80/tsfjazz-high  Jazz Radio|Jazz|FR|0|1



Classical Radio


http://9333.live.streamtheworld.com:3690/KUSCMP32_SC  KUSC Classical |Classical |US|0|1

http://wms-15.streamsrus.com:14530/  Classical AddictedToRadio.com |Classical |US|0|1  Pure Classic |Classical |IRE |0|1



Metal Radios


http://lo.death.fm/  Death FM |Metal |US|0|1

http://listen.djcmedia.com/metalmixxlow  The Metal MIXX |Metal |US|0|1  MetalRockFM|Metal |0|1



I would also recommend using ETS Radio Manager to add these radio stations to your live_streams.sii file


- Credits -

 @Tricky Cletus - Helped with gathering of Stream URL's 

Edited by PetyaGoblin
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Guest Connor200024

Thanks for the suggestion :D 

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Community radio for Turk


http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/RADIO_MYDONOSEAAC.pls Radio Mydonose|Community|TR|0|1

http://shoutcast.radyogrup.com:1020/;stream/1 Pal Station 106|Community|TR|0|1



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Very useful, very good:D

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