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  1. Happy Birthday! ??

  2. It's nice to hear me! I think we will see each other
  3. Good guide. I am very happy that you created the guide. I think that many players will help
  4. This is a UK steering wheel. I think that it is a serious mistake. I hope that will be fixed!
  5. Hello. At the beginning I would like to say that this is a reasonably good decision with this change. Many people write that they have a lot of bans and won't be able to join the team. I have 2 bans for now. Everyone makes mistakes. But if someone wanted to join the team form the beginning, he is trying and won't get a lot of bans. Unfortunately we have to watch, because a few mistakes can destroy us. Only 3 bans aren't enough? Maybe there should be some exceptions.?
  6. If you drive with trailer (trailer from trucks) you will be kicked or banned on the server. In the game are special caravans into the cars.
  7. Pozew

    Hot topic #4: CB

    Hello! I rarely use CB radio in Euro Truck SImulator 2. Maybe many truckers always use, but sometimes someone use the CB Radio and screams into the microphone. That's isn't realistisc. Maybe this be sad and annoying. I don't say that it is bad idea, but some truckers can't use it.
  8. Pozew Released

    Good job! Nice. Keep it up!
  9. I think that perhaps to be amazing experience. I can't wait, because I think it's dlc it won't be so expensive.
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