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  1. Hey Thurston, The game will generate a default license plate, based on which country and region your headquarters is located at. However, if you want to have your custom plate, login to your World of Trucks account and create a custom plate. This change will replace the default plates on your trucks. Sincerely, CptAir
  2. Dear @JK1Gaming These trailer's you are seeing are part of the One Truck Family Event! Here you can find a guide on how to participate. Over here you can find the topic about this event. Sincerely, CptAir
  3. Big fan of your idea @Arky00! I think a 'free walk' mode won't even be necessary. In FSX for instance, you can establish a 'shared cockpit' by selecter the player you want to attend. It's basically just the same camera view but then from the co-pilots' perspective. Maybe In TMP something similar could be done with the passenger seat. A cool idea would be the ability to pick a player from the TAB menu and enter their passenger seat (after permission).
  4. Suggestion Name: Reconnect and switch servers in-game Suggestion Description: Give players the ability to reconnect to their desired server while in-game, after being kicked (e.g. for being AFK). Also connecting to another server in-game would also be a good improvement, instead of being forced to restart TMP. My suggestion is to implement a certain command or menu to perform actions like these. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: A player would no longer have to restart their game in order to reconnect or switch to another server. A small improvement like this would save time and effort. CptAir
  5. @Good Fast & Ugly (PL) For ETS2 make sure you have any potential trailer pack installed on your new PC as well. Hope it works! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too.
  6. @Good Fast & Ugly (PL) Copy the entire "American Truck Simulator" folder from your "Documents" folder and you can be sure that your trailers are in there somewhere.
  7. CptAir


    Dear @basel1981 This is a known issue, developers and the TMP team are currently working on it. CptAir
  8. Dear @Gagaitza69, The 1.33 update brought some physics improvements with it. Based on your story I'd say that the cargo you selected is too heavy for your truck (combination of chassis and engine). Besides upgrading your truck you could also try to accelerate and brake more proportional. CptAir
  9. CptAir

    Cruise control?

    I personally do! Cruise control is a feature which makes driving easier by retaining a constant speed. You can just let your foot off the gas pedal once cruise control is engaged. Unfortunately the game does not provide functionality for adaptive cruise control, so always keep an eye on your speed while driving near others!
  10. Dear @HDBrosky, I found 3 possible solutions for your problem across the internet. Solution 1: There might be another process running on your PC which is grabbing focus from your screen, use this tool to find out what is causing your screen to return to desktop. The tool generates a list of each process which comes to the foreground. Just open it and start playing TMP. Once your screen returns to desktop you'll be able to find the culprit. Solution 2: Check if any Adobe or Onenote process is in autorun and disable it. Solution 3: Follow the steps in this video CptAir
  11. Hello @alexgames187, Do you have any mods installed? If so, they might be incompatible due to the recent update. Try disabling or removing them and check again. CptAir
  12. Dear @HELMOND, Follow the steps for "Beta Removal" in this link and you're good to go! CptAir
  13. Hey @xSoNSuZGaMeRx, You can your status on your own TruckersMP profile page. See: https://truckersmp.com/user/1569987 CptAir.
  14. G29 with 900° degrees rotation + shifter for best gameplay experience!
  15. Definitely Scania, especially the new S-series!
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