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  1. Hmmm.. Perhaps the TruckersMP Staff should look after this matter. Safe drive!
  2. Yeah! The braking systems has improved and the manuever. Much better
  3. I'm a simple person I'd like to have a Honda Civic 2017 or old model 2010 and Honda City 2009. And set it up!
  4. Hmmmm. I just read feedback here
  5. NuelGamingPH

    Christmas DLC

    Hopefully they will release christmas trailers and paint jobs as one purchase
  6. NuelGamingPH

    RiP C-D road

    Probably most of them are responsible drivers who have been shift route to Baltic. Haha Yet the population in C-D road has been decreased. However, noob and trolls are still there. Rip
  7. Yep. Most of us often use it for comfortable and less hassle drive. Specially when passing to the highways and uncongested roads.
  8. Is this still working on the latest version?
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