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  1. this will be great, because usually on our convoy we wait our members and eventually someone get kick for afk but we are talking on our discord. hahaha
  2. Go read, dont just comment.
  3. I totally agree, most of the time cars now are only use for trolling or for fun yeah, very much. it's very awkward a car hit a truck then truck will flew away still hoping It's been almost a year since I posted this. hahaha
  4. lol. this post is already almost a year old. yeah that is my point. but others dont get it
  5. I get your Idea it will make it faster and convenient for everyone to get in an convoy, but I'm sure they will not do it because it will need lot of time and as of now we have different tools to have same loads
  6. I know any usernames are allowed as long as its innocent and not impersonating admins,police.
  7. Welcome to the forum mate, I've been here for long since I registered to MP, but I'm not very active here.. Enjoy the stay here,
  8. I found out ETS2 on Youtube while searching for bus simulators, I bought ETS2 because of bus mods, but then it makes me interest of trucks and played it so many times with my friends
  9. I enjoy EU2 even I have high ping there because of my location and there's lots of trollers, bad drivers there, but it's too crowded that makes the game realistic and funny sometimes, I usually drove C-D and vice versa when the server is so full
  10. start all over again :troll:

    1. [TPH] SP Gaming

      [TPH] SP Gaming

      Yup, also a gaming community :) 

  11. https://imgur.com/a/Z5qT9


    Is this allowed  ? :)

    1. Mirko9


      Yes ;) 





      Didn't mentioned that if it's 1T it's not allowed than.

    2. [TPH] SP Gaming

      [TPH] SP Gaming

      okay okay. Thank you :)

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