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Add the ability to quickly change channels of voice chat with hot keys


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Suggestion Name: Add the ability to quickly change channels of voice chat with hot keys.

Suggestion Description: Please add 2 hotkeys (Up channel/Down channel) to change channels for voice chat. This is lacking in different game situations.

Any example images: none

Why should it be added?: 

My request is based on the following cases, with which I occasionally encounter in the game:


1. The main task of voice chat - communication between players. This opportunity is very often not familiar with each other players are organized in a spontaneous convoys. Communication between them happens by means of voice chat. There are situations when you have to urgently change the channel for various reasons (for example: spam, other convoy in the channel). This feature will make the channel selection of convenient, easy and safe for movement.


2. If there is no implementation of automatic inclusion of the last selected channel -  is convenient to select a channel when you forgot to adjust it before leaving.


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