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  1. There's a guy using NCZ hack on EU 2 at duisburg. Be careful

    1. Mircea97


      I just sayed hi to his mum :) 

  2. Topic Title: ID not found when reporting players TruckersMP ID: 898112 URL: https://truckersmp.com/reports/create Server Time/ Date: 2018-06-17 11:38 How to reproduce: Log in -> Report --> Key in 2203352 and it says ID not found Browser: Chrome67 Screenshots / Videos:
  3. What if I get banned for car with trailer even though I'm on EU4?

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    2. Aestrial


      That's dependant on the evidence provided for that specific ban; for a lot of evidences, especially from moderators, the tab-menu is open, so we can prove what server your on. Additionally, the EU4 server is a non-collision server, so if you were seen with the car with a trailer driving through people outside of companies, then we'd also know that your on EU4 server.


      It's highly dependant on the evidence supplied; if it can't be proved fully and conclusively, then game moderators shouldn't really be banning.

    3. Aestrial


      Netrodo, that's not correct; Cars w/ trailers can be used on servers with [Freeroam] in there title, such as EU4, as stated in the game rules.

  4. What if I decide to use a car with trailer on EU #4 but someone decides to report me because he says I'm on EU #2 (or another server)

  5. So is it a valid appeal to appeal a ban which was given without evidence? 

    1. Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

      Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

      if there isn´t any edvidence then the ban is invalid but if an admin banned you in game then it can take few days for the admin to add edvidence to a ban

    2. Aestrial


      In the first case, the ban will be given without evidence. Once you appeal, the admin who banned you will provide the evidence in your appeal. 


      If the admin does not have evidence for your ban, then the ban will be lifted and deleted, since it's not valid. 

    3. laurentte


      how can you appeal @Aestrial ?


  6. Admins need evidence to ban people in-game as well right?

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    2. BLADEDassassino


      yes, expecially video evidence for ramming, cheating,wrong way...

      for insult sometimes screnshoot are god too

    3. AnarşistGenç
  7. Isn't that ok since players are also helping the admins to catch perpetrators? Since admins also do time to time park their cars roadside and moderate the area.
  8. I do understand punishing people who use the report system to make useless reports and thus, many reports getting declined. But what about farming reports that are actually legit? (as in accepted)
  9. How many reports have you made (through the website) Just curious to see if there's anyone else like me who stops somewhere along the road (or in a city), uses freecam and starts reporting infrigements.
  10. Anyone knows of any no damage mod?

    Got rammed four times today. Managed to get video evidence of 2 of them.

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    2. KayyJayy:D


      @legress That's true.

      But if our trucks become anti-ram, why not?

      I'll still try not to use the mod if I flip over from overspeeding at a curve.

    3. _Pingu_
    4. legress


      Okay, guys. Its your dision :) But I like hardcore :D No mods, no cheat's, no fuel xD

  11. Duisburg to Calais with 0% damage

    It's been a while

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    2. gwait


      Yes, that is what I just said in my previous reply.

  12. Admins can just /search Julien /tpr <number> And there ya go
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