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    2. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      @ScaniaFan89if you don't know the truth then please don't speculate,and i am sorry for this  @BLADEDassassino

    3. ScaniaFan89


      @Soul Knight I was defending you as i said i HIGHLY DOUBT an admin would do that on purpose. 

    4. en_field


      @BLADEDassassino The forum is not the right place to complain about staff members. If you really want to do so and let upper staff about this situation, the best (and only) way to do it is by submitting a feedback ticket and explaining your situation there with valid proof. However, a single screenshot is not valid, as ZakYeen said.


      This status has been locked for the reason stated above

  2. Ok, thank you so much guys
  3. BLADEDassassino

    HTC trailer

    I have a question. Can I use a HTC trailer and go out of the Finland or i will be kicked/banned? I read the rules but i didn't unserstood them
  4. Steam Avatar sildim ve sizi iki itirazım oldu

    1. XFMaster9666




      DM üzerinden sizinle ilgileneceğim. Forum üzerinde yasağınız hakkında konuşmak yasak olduğundan lütfen böyle paylaşımlar yapmayın.



  5. I'm sorry for you ban, but every time players with hacks, destroy our veicles.

    I think that you was hacking too, so i maked this report. If you wasn't hacking make a "appeal report"

    1. Fenris Wolf

      Fenris Wolf

      Please do not write here in the Forums about your / his Ban.

      Use for this Reason the Ban Appeal System from here -> https://truckersmp.com/appeals

      or the Feedback System from there -> https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      // Locked

  6. NCZ Hack: https://plays.tv/video/5aa193499b3dee0212/cheater-spotted


    ets2 oynarken oyundan ping nedeniyle attı guzargahda olan konvoydan dolayı pc min kasması sonucu oyuna baglandıgım sırada  sag  şeride park edemeden konvoydaki arkadaşlarıma carpmam sonucu alınan report arkaşım beni tanımıyordu kendisine ilettim ama gec kaldım size report gondermiş video yu

  7. Why whe i report someone in game, nothing append? The little window for reports say that my session is recorded, but i think it didn't work wery well.
  8. Why i get kicked if i take a heavy trailer (not special cargo) with gps?
  9. i can't play. what kind of version i need to have on "beta"?

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    2. BLADEDassassino
    3. ArthurC


      You can't downgrade the game...

    4. Anriandor


      You don't even need to downgrade. Just use the current ETS2 version and update your game ;)


  10. why i don't have special transport on DLC list? italy

  11. i just bought the DAF DLC, but it doesn't work in multyplayer. someone can help me?
  12. how i can change the version? please help me
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