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Police & Public Car Update Info

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On 10/06/2016 at 8:56 AM, Todd - Desert Wind Trucking VTC said:

I have a BIG solution to the "car" problems. GET RID OF THEM, it takes the fun out of Multiplayer with too many idiots breaking the rules like speeding and pulling trailers (Why can't you just remove the "5th Wheel" from the cars). I personally think (and so do the rest of my drivers) that adding the cars was a huge mistake, I feel as if I am playing Rocket League instead of ATS/ETS2. And the funny part is, Admin does nothing to ban these morons, even after I try multiple times to report certain people. But as usual, my complaints don't mean anything to anybody, so I'll guess my opinion and suggestion will go unnoticed.

The cars are just a pain in the ass, and only about 20% of the people driving them obey the rules, the remaining 80% drive like idiots.


If you would obey the rules, you wouldn't have to ask that question now would you. These cars are more trouble than their worth whether it a personal, pilot, or police skin, 80% of car users are idiots that just want to drive around and cause trouble.


Incorrect. I have reported users and they have been banned. Such as the people in this video of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aebCUivXm4w


You should always report and provide evidence if you feel someone has rammed you intentionally. You should also remember that the amount of ingame admins to actual players is probably quite low and just because an admin hasn't banned someone within 5 minutes of you making the report does not mean that they're ignoring your reports or not bothering with it, they probably haven't seen it yet. 


If however you do get a report declined then you can email [email protected] and state why you feel it was wrong and someone will look into it.




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11 hours ago, heyhococo said:

@Raul Guerra  Usted puede hacer un informe con este enlace:  http://truckersmp.com/reports


Sin embargo, los administradores están bastante inundados de informes, lo que puede tardar un tiempo antes de que lo miren. :)


Yes, that I why I say that estab improving this, a few days ago did some reporting and it took five days , but I saw that gave extreme measures. Please remember :D :D

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On 01/05/2016 at 11:44 PM, Clarkinator said:




So as you may be aware, the latest update that's soon to come out includes a car for everyone that they can buy from any truck dealership. You can get it in a number of colours and even a Pilot paintjob for regular use however, these cool new additions to the game don't come without some restrictions as new rules have also been added because of this.


New Rules:


EDIT: Players may be able to see the Police paintjob and addons for their vehicles however driving them with these paintjobs as a regular player results in an immediate and automatic kick from the server.


Now, enjoy the trailer that our amazing Media team made below.



that looks awesome would make the game feel real well closely it can great work to you all :D 




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